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  1. pennyilu

    8 day clock mainspring query.

    Hello, Recently found this 8 day clock, i have removed the dial and cleaned the mechanism without dismantling completely. I have no access to a mainspring winder so complete cleaning and oiling of the mainspring is not done...
  2. pennyilu

    Help identify this clock.

    Hello, Almost 2 yrs since my last post. Away from home and away from pending repairs. After regular look out found an interesting clock at a local charity shop in Sweden. It has no makers mark on it. I have opened it partially and taken some pictures. Hopefully some experienced members here...
  3. pennyilu

    KOMA 400 days clock stops

    Hello, Friends, I am attempting to repair a Koma 400 day clock that I bought a year back. This clock has all the parts and the spring is also looking fine. But the pendulum will not rotate more than 3-4 minutes. Therefore I decided to dismantle it and clean it up. I did so and in the process...
  4. pennyilu

    Mantle clock problem

    Hello, I have recently joined this group. I find the content of this group very useful. I am having a clock I got sometime back that needs identification. Also the pendulum seems to be missing some parts. I am skilled enough to pull out the mechanism and do periodic oiling of wall clocks...

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