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    Watch 18 size hunter bezel/glass

    I need two 18 size hunter bezels (great if with glass but just the bezel is a good start). Would really appreciate any suggestions. Thanks. Mike
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    "S.W.C" & "Crown" Case marks

    Can anyone help with identification of the watch case company? Date range? Also curious about the "crown" which isn't a winding crown but rather a pusher to open the front cover. Thanks for any info. Mike
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    Unmarked Huguenin Jump Second?

    Can anyone identify the maker? Its still in transit but looks complete except for the recase. Thanks. Mike
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    Silver Cases: Troy or Common (Avoirdupois) Oz

    Bkerr started a thread earlier this month on heavy silver cases. He asked an interesting question as to the weight measure (Troy as for precious metals or common Avoirdupois). Several of us were interested but no evidence or authorittative comments came back, so lets give it another try. I...
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    WWII Seikosha Aircraft Clock (Navy Model)

    This Seikosha completes my WWII aircraft clock collection (targeted a good model for each of the five air powers - US, UK, Russia, Germany and Japan). If I understand correctly; - it is one of only a few of the complete double cased Japanese Navy models to survive WWII (Army model not as rare...
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    American Watch Company case #176

    This is a 4 oz (marked 4*) American Watch Company case numbered 176. Were these cases sequential? Any thoughts on production date or other case production references? I assume the Deacon movement has been recased and help dating it would also be appreciated (hopefully the two dates are at least...
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    Early Junghans Aircraft Clock

    I recently bought this Junghans on eBay and understand that it is an early model circa 1938 for German fighter aircraft in WWII (chronograph movement # 6457). I have found a bit of info. on other forums but not much detail. Thanks for any information. Mike
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    Pocket: Frodsham Pocket Chronometer

    This pocket chronometer is a recent eBay purchase that was listed as made by Charles Frodsham but, I believe, is by his older brother John Frodsham. Any thoughts on manufacture date for the movement and recase? Comments welcome.
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    Colere a Heyrieux Longcase

    Can anyone provide working dates for Colere a Heyrieux (and any other information)? Tardy lookup? I am considering a 9 foot french country longcase verge by him. Thanks. Mike
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    Le Coultre Cockpit Clock

    I have been looking for a good cockpit clock for some time and recently acquired my first military clock - a Le Coultre in great condition (hands still glow in the dark after 72 years). The following is stamped on the face (but not highlighted in white as for "Time of Trip"): MKIIIA NO 296/37...
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    4992b 4c139488

    I have found several descriptions for 4C serial numbers but am still not sure of the production date for my 4992B (4C139488). Any information is much appreciated. It is in a .800 Keystone silver case K020649. Mike
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    How Accurate

    How accurate have the best pocket watches been over the ages - say from 1600s to the early 1900s? Did technology reach a point where accuracy could not be improved? Were there models that were so far superior that they changed the industry?
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    Fake American Watch Papers

    Anyone experienced with american papers being faked to add value to pocket watches? I have noted such papers on an English watch in the European Thread. Mike
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    65 Years Ago

    This weekend (6 June) is the 65th anniversary of D-Day when troops landed in Normandy. I just posted a photo (European threads) related to a young engineer in WWI and thought it would be appropriate to seek stories of any other young men (from all nations) and their timepieces from WWII.
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    1910 Ludvik Hainz #551

    I started collecting clocks and moved to pocket watches some time ago to save space. Won't my wife be pleasantly surprised to see a tower clock when she returns from visiting friends out of town? I don't know anything about this type of clock including terms so please excuse my choice of...
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    Hamilton 937 - #1883

    Unfortunately, this movement is not in the original case but it is in mint condition and a low number. Can anyone confirm that this is the proper dial and hands for an early 937? Any other information? Also interested in opinions on the most appropriate case given that this is not the original...
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    Morris Tobias Calendar

    This is my latest Morris Tobias. It is one of his very early pieces (1804/05 according to production graphs by Michael Edidin and confirmed by consistent London hallamarks). I have only seen a few of his calendar examples and more unusual to find one with the original gold hands. Can someone...
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    Waltham 16-A

    Can anyone provide a date for this 16-A? I have not received it yet after an eBay auction, but the seller says the serial number is X31897641. Thanks. Mike
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    Our Great Recession/The Great Depression

    There will be winners and losers among companies during our Great Recession and it would appear it was the same in the 30s. I found it interesting when I looked at production at Waltham and Elgin (and others) after 1928 and in particular after the 1929 crash. They all went down but Elgin appears...
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    George/Other Graham

    This is my latest acquisition which is marked Graham/London (not sure which of many Grahams) but appears to me to be a French made watch? foot of balance cock added by Graham? date? came with three great papers. Help/comments welcome.

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