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  1. Greg Burton

    Unusual early case for an 1873 Model 1 Elgin

    It is not marked. But from tarnishing and the little wear that shows it appears to be with coin or silver plate. It is a stunning case. Does anyone have any information about the maker?
  2. Greg Burton

    Looking for a good resource to clean and oil A,Eric an key wound

    The two excellent resources I use are booked up for weeks+. Does anyone know of a reliable horologist who can clean and oil a key wound in only a month or so? Thanking all who read this in advance. Greg Burton
  3. Greg Burton

    Georgian broken arch fusee clock

    This is an unusual clock that was just serviced by my local horologist. It is unsigned. The movement, which is beautifully engraved, is original to the case. The inside of the case shows that the cabinet maker originally intended for there to be arched sound frets in the sides. Those openings in...
  4. Greg Burton

    Should a fusee watch be fully or partially wound?

    I have read two different schools of thought on how to fully wind an English chain driven watch. One is that the watch should be fully wound to provide full power. The other is that due to the age and fragility of the chain, it should be wound only 60% of the way. I’m curious what members who...
  5. Greg Burton

    My Georgian Dubliners

    In part due to my native Irish and Anglo Irish ancestry, I have focused my collection on Irish watches. These four are all from Georgian era Dublin watchmakers. The upper left is a verge by Willam Barrows, London hallmarks for 1805. Lower left is a rack lever by Curran, Dublin hallmarks for...
  6. Greg Burton

    US resources for servicing verge fusee and lever fusee watches

    The competent US resources I have found to clean and oil English fusee watches, in the words of one, would rather have a root canal than wok on a fusee. Any recommendations would be great y;appreciated.
  7. Greg Burton

    English PW Looking for a resource fo servicing fusee watches

    I am looking for a good resource to clean and service both lever and verge fusee watches. I have had the best results with a source in the UK. But I hope to find someone on this side of the pond. Greg Burton, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
  8. Greg Burton

    Good source for servicing verge and English lever watches

    I would like some recommendations for sources on this side of the pond for servicing fusee watches. I had a very bad experience a couple of years ago with a horologist from this site who kept a watch for almost a year, charged a significant sum, and returned it in worse condition that when I...
  9. Greg Burton

    Help identifying regional style of tall/long case clock

    I purchased this at a recent estate sale from a couple who were going to assisted-living. The gentleman had purchased it years ago at an auction in Virginia. Case has been refinished. With the possible exception of the very lower bracket is all original. Movement, weights and pendulum are also...
  10. Greg Burton

    Clock Maker or Retailer on the Dial

    The pictures show the regency bracket clock I acquired after a chapter 1 meeting in Philadelphia recently. The name on the dial is Thomas Read, Bishops Gate St., London. The last owner had the Dino restored but I do have a photograph of it prior to its restoration. What I don’t know is whether...
  11. Greg Burton

    Restoration of a late Victorian bracket clock case

    Imrecentlynacquired this late Victorian German clock done in the Reg much style at an estate sale. The family had some wonderful clocks including and. Irish and a Scottish tall case. This one had long since lost its bezel and sickle ring on the dial. The fabric for the side and rear door brass...
  12. Greg Burton

    Help me date this estate sale find

    I’m fairly certain this is a French bracket clock despite the resemblance to English regency style. The movement is the giveaway, the bezel is long gone but otherwise it’s in great shape and had been recently serviced. There were several really nice clocks in this home ranging from an Irish...
  13. Greg Burton

    Resource for servicing Verge Fusee watches needed

    I have two Verge Fusee watches that need servicing. One dating from 1827 that was serviced in the past but is running very fast. The other from an estate, dating from 1832, is in ticking order. But it has not been serviced in years so I only wound it a couple of turns. Any suggestions on US or...
  14. Greg Burton

    Confused by conflicting advice on how far to wind fusee watch

    Roman Dial, which is a business member of the NAWCC, advises on their website to fully wind the watch until it stops. An experienced watch repair gentleman in the UK adives differently. He recommends only winding half way. He suggests onlynwindong half way. He says that reduces stress in the...

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