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    The copy write on that book has never expired. The rights are of a Swiss publisher, therefore copies or photocopies cannot be distributed. regards enrico
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    could you help me to identify this movement.....thanks!

    This is the caliber YM or ZM regards enrico
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    Omega Pocket Watch ID

    Case number ? regards enrico
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    Stamp on pocket watch movement

    Maybe FE France Ebauches ? regards enrico
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    My A. Lange & Sohne pocket watch

    Thanks for the clarification, mine was just a guess. Regards enrico
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    My A. Lange & Sohne pocket watch

    Maybe S for Stahl ( steel) ? regards enrico
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    ı need ınformation.

    Actually this Vialux is not a true Turkish railway watch. Many manufacturers paid royalties to TCDD to produce these watches and the mold was supplied directly by TCDD. for the period it is from the sixties . Serkisoff of Istanbul was the supplier of TCDD Zenith first and then Molnjia of which...
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    Possible early Omega identification

    The movements for private labels with a small surcharge were provided without any writing. So they could be customized. Regards enrico
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    Possible early Omega identification

    Maybe a qualité A seven jewels around 1901 regards enrico
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    Unknown pocket watch movement with cylinder escapement

    quite simply, Simon Burger & Gressot were the founders of Perfecta. regards enrico
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    Unknown pocket watch movement with cylinder escapement

    Movement made by Perfecta called Victoria using the patent ch4156. regards enrico
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    Strange escapement design? What is this? Like this one ? regards enrico
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    Need Help Identifying Ultra Thin Cylinder Movement

    This caliber was invented by Philippe Samuel Meylan (1772-1845 Brassus) and was called Extra plat renversé ultra thin reverso. renversé because the dial was on the bridge side so the movement turned in reverse. P.S. Meylan from 1811 to 1828 was associated with Isac Daniel Piguet. regards enrico
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    Please help with interesting gold fusee pocket watch

    Undoubtedly an ebauches by Japy, the most important ebauches manufacturer, which among other things also built the Dutch ebauches, Japy was not only dedicated to watchmaking but he also made many other goods including: - chains, locks, ironmongery, cooking utensils , children's toys, electrical...
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    Please help with interesting gold fusee pocket watch

    I can't doubt GMorse, especially as I've been having some vision problems lately. From the reflections it seemed to me a stone even if unusual in a continental movement. regards enrico
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    Please help with interesting gold fusee pocket watch

    I think it is from 1780-1800 the edges balance bridge feet was in use before the 19th century. And that it is from the area of Geneva where it was an important center of enamellers and used pearl decorations. The diamond on the balance bridge instead of the cheaper coquerette is remarkable and...
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    Picked Up This Omega Pocket Watch

    Exact were applied with stamps or decals. In 1912 France Belgium and Italy wanted to apply the 24 hours per day instead of the 12 hours ante meridien and post meridien to avoid misunderstandings with the train timetables that were scheduled on 24 hours per day. Regards enrico
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    Picked Up This Omega Pocket Watch

    Omega cases were made "in house" by Omega and the serial number of the case was later than the movement number. Probably this case, even if it is Omega branded, was made by a supplier. Regards enrico
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    Picked Up This Omega Pocket Watch

    The movement was built in 1915. Strange the number of the case, it should be subsequent to the movement, not the previous one. regards enrico

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