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  1. tliette

    Tom Moberg, Clock Glass Painter

    I just sent an e-mail to Lee Davis and it came back, stating "This user doesn't have a account (". Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, Ted
  2. tliette

    Reverse Painting

    Frank, I live in Greenville, OH 45331. Is there someone in the surrounding 5 or 6 states that do reverse painting? I've found a great place that does the dials at the Dial House in Dallas, Georgia. But I'm still looking for someone for the reverse paintings. Thanks, Ted
  3. tliette

    Reverse Painting

    Is there a talented person around who does reverse painting or is that a dying talent? I have an Ogee clock that I'd like to replace a reverse painting. A name or a web site would be a great starting point. Thanks, Ted
  4. tliette

    Seth Thomas Lever Clock Dial

    I have 2 ST lever clocks that I'm restoring. One clock has a paper dial on it, the other hasn't a dial. I'd please like some feedback, were these clocks manufactured with a paper dial or a painted dial. I'll post a couple photos to show what I have. Thanks, Ted

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