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  1. John Sidlauskas

    Standard Electric Time

    The main spring and program clock run on the same contact on the escape wheel. The other contact seen on other clocks would be to control the clocks.
  2. John Sidlauskas

    Standard ElectricTime CO Master Bell Clock? Question Please

    For your inquiry for adding bells, this was probably of a larger install, since usually most bell circuit relays were installed with the clock, right above the movement on either side, I see that the wire that would have gone from the movement to the top of the case is missing, that most likely...
  3. John Sidlauskas

    The Standard Electric Time Co.

    Wow! I love the engravings on the movements, you rarely see those on later versions. I have early versions with the green sleeving on the coils. No name on the movement but still nice, also the wiring is so different from mine, mine has it going off to the side of the case at an angle and...
  4. John Sidlauskas

    The Standard Electric Time Co Master Clock?

    I know this is from 2010, but this is an original clock case, Standard made this particular style around 1900. Usually they would have been made in mohogany or would have been stained to look like mohogany, Voltage would have been around 12v or less.

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