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    Quartz help and general electrical help.

    New to posting: Chrometron 2000 issues Jaz tuning fork broken coil. Any help or advice appreciated The chrometron does not tick, via my rudimentary skills i can tell that voltage is reaching the crystal snd there is no voltage pulse or anything getting to the movement. A second duplicate...
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    E howard 00 parts and or schematics needed

    Hello anyone who can help me find drawings of a howard 00 pendulum and bob as well as souce for a replacement suspension spring. I am fine with making our own pendulum but would like it to match stylistically. I know many before have posted about parts and diagrams for these street clocks, any...
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    jeco tuning fork hums but is stopped

    Hello, anybody know if my jeco tuningfork clock will start if it hums? i have seen a forum where someone said a capacitor needs changing? is there any hope otherwise? second clock, F Mauthe Germany? anyone know anything about these? Electric with motor and escapement? any feedback much...

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