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  1. David D'Apice

    Tin Can Weight Hook Repair

    I'm hoping that someone out there has a solution for this --- it is rather confounding. I have this nice Abel Hutchins Tall case clock, with original tin can weights -- they are painted an ancient green. The problem is that somewhere along the way, the brass hook on the top seems to have been...
  2. David D'Apice

    Clock Geneva Stops for English bell and gong Bracket Clock

    I have a large, early English three-train bracket clock --- ebonized with ormolu -- and someone took the geneva stops (male and female) off long, long ago. I was hoping to find a replacement for them ---- if anyone knows of some, I'd be thrilled to hear of it. Best wishes. Dave
  3. David D'Apice

    Watch Cartier Roadster 2510 Strap Wanted

    Good day. I'm hoping someone out there in the ethos can help. I have a nice 2510 in need of a strap -- I believe the 19mm because this is not the chronometer, just the regular one. The original one has all but crumbled at the clips. If someone has one, I'd love to know. Feel free to message me...
  4. David D'Apice

    Clock Need a cast iron Terry lower door

    I'm on the lookout for a lower cast iron door, relatively square and clunky -- that went on a Terry Clock company octagon top wall clock from about 1870. Someone replaced the original with a wooden door from a cottage clock, and it's nothing short of a crime. Thanks in advance. Dave
  5. David D'Apice

    Negus Chronometer Key Mystery

    Well, I can't say I've seen one of these before -- here's the key to my Negus Chronometer -- it looks as if it had a ratchet or pawl inside the lid, now, something's missing and they glued the whole thing together so there was no more ratchet action. I'm hoping somebody has an image of what the...
  6. David D'Apice

    Watch Wanted: Graham Verge Fusee Watch Hands

    This watch seems to have the wrong hands, although I'm no expert on it. There's something about them that seems wrong. I believe they were more like beetle and poker hands. Perhaps someone would know more about what I'd need --- PM me if you've got the right thing for this early watch. Thanks...
  7. David D'Apice

    Wooden Works Teeth Meshing and locking question

    Good evening. I'm working with a pillar and scroll 30 hour wooden movement -- which appears to be a like-new repro. There is little wear on the teeth ---- on the strike side, I notice that when it runs, the finer gears show a jump, click or stutter once in a while -- sometimes its enough to jam...
  8. David D'Apice

    Hoadley Miniature Wooden Works Alarm Mystery

    Good evening. I'm hoping someone out there can help me identify the missing piece (assuming there is one) on this Hoadley miniature wooden works with Alarm. There appears to be an alarm setting pipe that has a cam, but the cam doesn't seem to engage anything to activate or silence the alarm when...
  9. David D'Apice

    Broken Tallcase Pinion Leaf - Advice Needed

    Good evening. Sadly, the English tallcase movement I'm playing with seems to have been hiding a pretty disappointing missing pinion leaf on the gear that trips the bell hammer -- I can see some porosity and crystallization --- perhaps the spring was made too strong on the hammer, and some...
  10. David D'Apice

    Ansonia Peep O Day Alarm Clock

    Wondering if anyone out there has a photo of the Peep O Day mechanism -- I have a nice little four-column cast iron Ansonia alarm clock with bell below it (Patd 1877) ---- but I believe one of the gears on the mainspring wheel is gone. Not sure how it all worked to start with --- seems like one...
  11. David D'Apice

    Storing my collection of Clock Hands

    Forgive me if I'm redundant. I'm wondering if anyone out there has a rig, jig, or cool way of storing the hundreds of pairs of old hands that I have accumulated over a lifetime. Some way that I can see them to "browse" for the ones I need when I need them. Any great ideas would be welcome...
  12. David D'Apice

    William Pratt Banjo Surprise

    After being lucky bidder on a banjo clock at the last auction, my 83-year-old Dad and I opened it to clean and overhaul the movement. To our delight, inside, scratched on the back plate, was "Made by Wm. Pratt, 1835" -- I can only assume it is original --- the movement holes all seem to line up...
  13. David D'Apice

    Roxbury Tallcase Clock ID

    This delightful tallcase came from an estate locally, and is said to have been there since its manufacture. Although the dial is unsigned, while blowing the dust off the seatboard, I found this carved name "S. Safford" --- and something below it that may resemble the date 1806. I learned that...
  14. David D'Apice

    Mystery weight (Howard)?

    I know that someone more seasoned than I will recognize this weight. I bought it this morning just because it seemed so unusual and old and too good to pass up. Why the bottom is curved is beyond me. My hope is that one day it will make an incomplete clock complete - whether it's mine or someone...
  15. David D'Apice

    Verge Fusee History

    I was lucky to get this early Verge Fusee -- which is small --- it's signed "Thos Blithe London" --- try as I may, I haven't found Mr. Blithe anywhere in literature --- I was hoping the hallmarks on the case might help date this watch --- alas, it is in need of a 38mm high dome crystal to make...
  16. David D'Apice

    Birge and Fuller Double Steeple Cases

    I have a few of these wonderful clocks --- some wagon spring, some fusee -- and notice on most of them an incredibly close tolerance on the hand shaft against the glass in the door --- for a few of them, it's nearly impossible to close the door tightly at risk of driving the hand shaft through...
  17. David D'Apice

    Aaron Willard Jr. Striking Banjo Clock weights

    Good evening. I was so excited to take this Willard Banjo home. It is wonderful in every way --- with the exception that someone lost the original weights long ago and replaced them with home-made lead ones that are pretty ugly. This is a striker. I'm really concerned that the weights that are...
  18. David D'Apice

    Dating a French Lyre

    So I've been tinkering away with this H&H French Lyre --- which is super finicky about when it will run and when it won't-especially if the slightest out of beat --- I'm wondering if all of them are this picky --- and if anyone has any information about how old this clock really is. It is...
  19. David D'Apice

    Carriage Clock Speed Mystery

    Good evening. I've just completed a carriage clock (an oversized one) -- it has been running gladly for the last few days ---- it tends to run about two minutes slow per day -- and I have increased the mainspring strength from .011 to .0118 in the hopes of speeding it up ever so slightly -- the...
  20. David D'Apice

    Abiel Chandler NH Mirror Clock

    Good afternoon. I've been struggling to get this Chandler running steadily --- I've rebushed the movement, and at the slightest touch of the finger to the great wheel, the power is transmitted to the escape smoothly. The escape comes to a nice spinning stop after a few moments without power --...

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