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    Just Pre-Ordered my Watch Angels Waltham Field & Marine Watch

    Pricing was not bad on these! And they sold out quick! I wanted the matte green PVD configuration but it was gone. So i bought the last SS black dial....I wish they would have made a matte black dial with the vintage lume and PVD case though instead of a green in a 12hr configuration. I would...
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    Spotting a Fake Elgin Buships Canteen Diver + Info

    Hello, I just wanted to give everyone a heads up. As everyone knows this case has been re-issued over and over again, and unfortunately there has been a sellers reproducing these cases. It has gotten worse since now they are being listed as original with an elgin 539 or 647 civilian movement...
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    FOUND! 2nd Elgin 12s Illinois Admiral Evans known to exist!

    After reading stan's book I have been on the hunt for one of these and finally found one. I originally saw the Benson version but Stan beat me to the punch on it. Glad he got it rather than someone else at least he will put it in his 3rd book, if there is going to be one, which I hope there is...

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