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  1. Seth Thomas

    Seth Thomas

    Seth Thomas Dundee Restoration
  2. callnursepj1

    The skill and time involved in doing a poor repair

    I ran across thin when repairing a Seth Thomas 113a movement. I thought I had seen it all! Here is my guess the spring was installed by hand this caused distortion, barrel cap wouldn't stay on so it was peened well i guess that didn't work so it was soldered and that failed too. Then it was...
  3. callnursepj1

    Shortening a loop end mainspring

    This clock used black Phillips screws with "hour hands" that were cut down to use as washers, has anyone ever seen this before???? It would appear to have been done at the factory. Had problems with the raised portion of the strike snail contacting the inside of the case causing the hands to...
  4. callnursepj1

    Shortening a loop end mainspring

    Sorry mm not cm
  5. callnursepj1

    Shortening a loop end mainspring

    Calculated values for this movement are 10536.96 BPH with a pendulum length of 116.05 cm. Center wheel teeth = 56 ,Third wheel teeth=56 pinion=10 ,Fourth wheel teeth = 56 pinion=10 ,Escape wheel teeth=30 pinion=10.
  6. callnursepj1

    Shortening a loop end mainspring

    Installed a suspension spring in one of these never found any train data but it seems to run well around 10535 BPH

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