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    Bouncing/Clacking Sound in Gong Sequence.

    In the strike sequences on a number of my clocks, in this case a HAC Vienna, along with each gong, there’s a concurrent bouncing sound like chattering teeth in the cold. It must be common as I’ve also had it with Ansonias and Junghans. The hammer is visibly bouncing (I’ve never learned how...
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    Ansonia Open Escapement Reassembly Question

    I’m an amateur. I’ve put together a number of Ansonia movements. But I’m faced with my first Open Escapement movement where the pillar posts emanate from the front plate, not the more familiar back plate (even the German ones I’ve put together all come up from the back plate.) So when it...
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    Loop end mainspring slipping off winding arbor

    I can't for the life of me get the arbor hook to catch on the inside of the mainspring. I've done it successfully before, but not this one. I bend and crimp and reshape until I'm blue in the face, with no success. Are there any tricks of the trade to make this easier? Or it just more trial...
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    Help Ansonia Open Escapement Assembly

    Hello, I’m an amateur who’s I’ve taken apart and reassembled a number of Ansonia movements. But never an open escapement movement. I have an “Eton” and a “Boston” that I got in Shanghai in the early 2000’s. They’ve alway been clean and run well. But now there’s a problem. I took the...
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    Help Junghans strike mystery

    Hello I have a Junghans Vienna with a count wheel strike train. There is a problem with the counting of one of the hours as they skip ahead. Looking at the action, every hour and half hour Warns, Strikes, and Locks correctly – except for one. Only the 2 o’clock hour strike rotation does...
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    minute wheel locked on arbor

    This is out of a German box with no identification of any kind. The strike spring broke and in the process of taking it apart, I can't get the star cam off because it's held in place behind the minute wheel, and the minute wheel is locked to it's short, front plate mounted arbor. Taking the...
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    clock stopping mystery

    I have a simple 8-day clock american style count wheel pendulum movement that sometimes mysteriously stops just before the hour/half-hour strike cycle begins. It happens just before the lower lifting lever falls from the lifting cam (to release the strike cycle). When it stops, I have to...
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    4 hammers, 5 rods?

    Hello, The photo is of the strike and gong hammers of a Junghans W64 mvmt. There are four on each side, yet there are 5 rods. Is this for some kind of manufacturing efficiency, with one rod ignored in this mvmt? If so, should the opposing hammers be lined up (and not offset like in the...
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    solder stain

    Hello, The stains are "growing" from what appears to be the solder points on the interior dial. They probably can't be eliminated but can anyone suggest how to keep them from spreading more? thanks. c.
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    Who made this clock?

    Hello, Years ago a friend gave this to me (in a box of parts) and I’ve never known the maker. It’s 34” high and referencing Fig. 57 of Steven Conover’s “Striking Clock Repair Guide”, it appears to be French, but it could be a good German imitation since the craftsmanship is not as refined as a...
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    ID Chinese clock

    Hello, This is a relatively old Chinese trademark. Does anyone recognize it? At one time I thought it was Beijing Clock Company, but I can't find any authentication. Are there any sites that discuss Chinese clocks? thanks. c.
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    Logo vandalization

    I bought this clock in 1984 on Cat Street in Hong Kong. Its maker has always been a mystery to me as there are no trademarks on the movement and the logo on the face has been completely rubbed out. It’s not a case of clumsy dial cleaning – the one spot on the dial has been specifically...
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    German Seikosha???

    Hello, This clock puzzles me. The appearance looks much more sophisticated than a Japanese clock. The movement looks German. Springs are in barrels. But it has a Seikosha logo on the back plate (nothing on the dial). Anybody have a guess? thanks. c
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    Brocot headache

    I have a problem getting a Fritz Marti (attachment A) going train to run Background: It’s Brocot escapement has always run beautifully. But the chime train stopped working except for on the very tightest wind. I figured the spring was set so took the clock apart and based on the measurements...

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