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    Schatz W3 Chime Alignment

    After cleaning Schatz W3 movement, I tried to set up chime alignment. Can align to St. Michael's but then all other settings (silent, Whittington and Westminster) won't line up. Can't find any parts missing. Anyone have a parts diagram for this clock or an idea why I can't get the drum to line...
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    Help Schatz Model W3 Chime Corrector

    Anyone have a drawing of the Schatz Model W3? I'm having trouble getting the chime corrector mechanism to work. The chime corrector lever will ride on the cam thru the quarter hour, half hour and 3/4 hour. Drop lever falls into the cam slot. It won't raise up enough to go thru the hour cycle.I...
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    American Need Strike 2nd Wheel for Waterbury Mantle Clock Patented 1891

    My lathe didn't line up well and I ended up drilling a new pivot hole for strike second wheel off center. Looking for a movement ( or the appropriate wheel). Anyone able to help? Trying to keep costs down so don't want to replace arbor. The movement is 65 mm wide and 106 mm high. The wheel is...
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    C. Sellick/Wells Tall Case

    I just bought this English tallcase clock at an estate sale. The only info is a handwritten bill. The name on the dial is C. Sellick/Wells. I checked Britten's, Baillie and Loomes, with no luck. Anyone recognize this maker? BarryB
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    Pocket Watch Bezel Needed

    I have a 0s Elgin 14K hunting case (K&U Mfg Co) which needs a bezel. Will someone please let me know the name of the bezel guy from Ohio (or Indiana). I haven't seen him at a mart lately and have forgotten his name and email. BTW, does anyone know what K&U stands for? Thanks, BarryB
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    Chelsea Banjo Reverse Painting

    This is for Lee Davis (don't know your email address). I purchased a Chelsea banjo clock like the attached file which needs the upper tablet painted. It is currently clear glass. The lower tablet is mostly intact, except that the white border is missing. The "Constitution and Guerriere" are...
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    214, 218 Accutron Circuit Schematic

    Samantha - Can you supply me with schematics for the 214 and 218 circuits? It used to be on the Accutron Watch Page, but I am getting a cyber-attack warning for that page. Seems to me I should be able to put a scope on the circuit to see what is wrong (see my previous email about coils vs...
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    218 Accutron Coil

    I have a number of 218s which aren't humming. How can I determine if the coils or if the transistor are at fault? BarryB
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    Citizen Chronograph 8110A Problem

    I'm repairing a Citizen chrono 8110A. The only info I have is the data sheet I got off the internet. The minute recorder continues to run even when turned off or reset. Anywhere I can find set-up information on this movement? Any suggestions? You can contact me off-line at...
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    Accutron Astronaut 214

    My Accutron astronaut 214 M4 has an extra hand, probably for setting to GMT. This is for Samantha or any other knowledgeable Accutron person. How do you set that hand? BarryB
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    Seth Thomas - Hermle Ship Bell

    I have a Seth Thomas Hermle Ship bell from the 70's. A207-000. #7613. After it got old and repaired a few times, I decided to replace it. Guess what, the replacement didn't fit the case and the dial. The strike lever isn't anywhere near the slot in the dial and the clock stops when I put...
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    witschi testers

    I acquired a couple of Witschi testers at marts. I'm trying to find any info about them. I talked with Dan Fenwick at Swatch (took a seminar from him many years ago where we used the 4400) and with Witschi about any literature on them. I have a 4400 and a 5500. The 4400 is fairly...
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    Humbert Watch Repair Books

    Is anyone familiar with a series of books by a Swiss watchmaker named Humbert? An acquaintance of mine told me about them today. I'd like to find out more about them and their titles so that I could attempt to find copies to either read or buy. Thanks, BarryB
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    RADO Black Colt

    I recently picked up a RADO Black Colt WW on EBAY. It is a model 625.3138.4, SN SN2,535,227. The movement says R2798-1 800. It is an ETA 2789-1 movement.The movement says R2798-1 800. It is an ETA 2789-1 movement. Any way to tell approximately how old it is? BarryB
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    Vibrograph B200A Schematic

    Does anyone out there have a schematic for the Vibrograph B200A which I could copy? Barry B
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    Witschi Q 4100 Tester Op Manual

    I tried this thread out on the Watch Repair message board. I think I should try it out here. I bought the watch tester two weeks ago. Since it is relatively old ('80s or '90s), there was no operations manual. So far, I've tried Dan Fenwick from Swatch who taught us a class on quartz...
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    Chronograph Series

    Is anyone familiar with a series of chronograph repair manuals. I want to know the proper terminology so I can contact the library.
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    Witschi 4100 Operating Manual

    Anyone have access to a Witschi Q4100 operating manual that they could copy or send to me? I will pay a reasonable copying and mailing fee. Thanks, Barry B
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    Witschi 4100 Operating Manual

    Anyone have access to a Witschi 4100 operating manual that they could copy or send to me? I will pay a reasonable copying and mailing fee. Thanks, Barry B
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    Accutron 2181 Battery

    What is the proper battery to use in the Accutron 2181? Barry B