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    Ingraham clock escapement

    I recently received an Ingraham clock. The clock was not running. The clockworks were very dry not a drop of oil anywhere. I did notice a part I have not seen on another clocks. See below. what is this part called? It isn’t affixed to anything should it be ? when I first removed the...
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    Clock Case

    I have been reading about the best way to give a couple of clock cases a little shine. They aren't real damage or bad veneer or anything just a couple of good scuffs and stuff. I have been thiniking about using KOTTON KLENSER ANTIQUE WOOD PRESERVATIVE POLISH with beeswax and lemon oil. These...
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    Putting back together

    Hey All, I have been reading these forums for about a month. So many great tips. I have a Sessions mantle clock from about 1921 I think. It was stopping every few days. i think I narrowed down to mainspring that needed oiled. I figured it would be easier to oil them if I could get at the...