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    George Jones Pinwheel Regulator

    Hello All, I recently acquired a George Jones pinwheel wall regulator. The case is missing the trim pieces at the sides of the door. Top and bottom. I am hoping that someone would take close up pictures with a tape. Thanks in advance for your help. I sent clockmogul a pm I know that he has the...
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    Beat Scale

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for a Welch Spring & Company beat scale. Anyone have one? Thanks, Randy
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    Ansonia main springs.

    I recently order two main springs for a Ansonia Capitol. I received the springs and the hole is too small to fit over the corner posts. I am thinking of using a large punch and slip the hole end over the punch and lightly tap it until the hole enlarges to fit over the post. Am I ruining the...
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    Ansonia Capitol Springs

    Hello, I recently purchased a Ansonia Capitol spring wound time only. Both springs were broken. What I came up with for the old springs is 7/16" x .015 x 96". My question is will a 1/2" x .015 x 96" work? Or would a 7/16" x .014 x 72" work better. Would the last spring run for 8 days? Also would...
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    French movement help

    I disassemble a french movement by Vincenti. The works were cleaned and inspected to the best of my ability. No problems found. The movement was working prior to taking it apart. After assembling the works and oiling I noticed that when I move the minute hand forward I am meeting higher...
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    How would you repair broken shaft

    Harold, How would you make the repair? It very easily could be beyond my abilities. If I made a bad attempt the worst that could happen would be the gear would have to be replaced. That is what I am trying to determine. I sent an e-mail to the firm that you suggested. Thanks for your help...
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    How would you repair broken shaft

    Hello, I recently acquired a French clock. I have read on this site to be careful in assembly and disassembly. I wasn't careful enough. I broke the shaft on the gear that engages the rack and snail for the bell. After looking for 2 days I did find the broken piece. Now the question is how to...
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    Seth Thomas Double Dial

    Hello, I have a ST double dial with a lyre movement. The clock is running very fast. It is gaining 3 hours in a 24 hour perior. If I lower the bob with the adjusting nut the clock stops running. Could the suspension spring be too long? It does have some wear in the escape wheel but no oblong...
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    Hair Spring

    Thanks guys for the information. I was afraid that I was going to have a problem locating the spring. I will look at old alarm clocks. Thanks again.
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    Hair Spring

    Eckmill, You are correct that I need a hair spring and the ones tha I purchased are too small. I guess I need to call the suppliers and explain what I need. Or do you have another suggestion? Thanks, Randy
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    Hair Spring

    I have a Welch marine clock. I need to replace the very small spring at the top of the works. I order hair springs from one of the main suppliers. I now have a lifetime supply of springs which I don't need. I have looked at both large suppliers and neither one has the spring. Can someone direct...
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    Sonora Chime

    Thanks guys for the information. I will try and reset the strike this evening. Thanks again.
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    Sonora Chime

    I recently aquired a 4 bell sonora chime and it is out of sequence when chiming. It is striking the hour on the half hour. How do I get this corrected? Also the dial is silver with Seth Thomas in a red rectangle and no mention of sonora chime. Is this correct? Thanks, Randy
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    New Gear

    I was wondering if their is anyone in N.C. cutting gears that you guys know? Thanks, Randy

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