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    Dangers of buying horological books

    I noticed prices at major international auctions have been hitting new, at times highly questionable highs. So rather than to join in the frenzy, I've taken some time off and limited my horological collecting to books. Unfortunately, book collecting just like clock and watch collecting, is at...
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    Problem with -> posts merged by system <- feature - edit time outs

    I notice the system is now automatically merging messages submitted by the same poster if the messages are posted in (close successive) sequence. This is possibly good but I noticed a problem. The time out for edits seem to relate to the first message posted from the merged messages. I think...
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    Avenging horologically... in "archaic" style :D

    Santa brought me a very entertaining Christmas gift from the BBC online shop and I thought I would share some of its contents with the MB. I also hope the BBC won't mind the low-res photos. If someone does object, I will pull the modest screenshots. My Christmas present was "The Complete Emma...
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    Moon Mechanisms - A Restorer's Guide

    Back in February, I answered a question posted by Sooth about identifying a "Woolfenden" longcase clock and discussed a missing wheel in the moonphase motion work. I also have an early longcase movement with a calendar dial plate that some foolish person mangled a long time ago and I located a...
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    Private Messages no longer permit file attachments

    Hi, I often send files and photos to other members via a PM but this feature is missing from the new system. I cannot locate a button or whatever to attach a file(s). Am I mistaken or is this something the MB folks can look into adding? Thanks. Michael
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    Anyone recognize this movement - Grand Prix Paris 1900?

    I wonder if someone can help me identify this movement. It is a bar movement with Swiss in-line lever escapement, stem wound/set, approx. 37 mm diameter. It looks Swiss, maybe 1900-1930. The bridge over the winding mechanism bears an inscription "Grand Prix Paris 1900". I'm trying to get...
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    Bizarre problem when trying to EDIT a message

    It looks like I am no longer able to edit my own messages after I post them - less than an hour before. The edit button simply isn't there any more. Is this a new "feature"? If it is then I don't think it's a good idea especially if you aim to only edit for readability and not informational...
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    Many old PM messages seem to be missing, even recent ones

    Has anyone else noticed there is no trace of replies you sent to people who PM'd you in the past? Or is it just with my account? I just took a look at my old PMs and almost none of my replies seem to have made it across the migration. PMs sent to me have also been shaved, nearly all threads...
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    A suggestion for the new-look MB

    I have used this layout of MB displays on other MB systems. It is an improvement in many ways. However, I would like to make a suggestion. I don't know if this affects the order of listing of messages for a given forum but I am one of those people who customized my MB listings to show the...
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    Mechanical WW Advice on restoring dial for Doehner watch?

    Hi everyone, I need your advice and help. I picked up this small cylinder PW, apparently made by Doehner of Geneva. The movement runs, looks decent, the hands look original and the case is nice. Unfortunately, the dial is damaged and I wonder if it is worth repairing or needs replacing. I've...
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    Advice on Doehner watch

    Ooops, I had posted the wrong message to this forum. Never mind, I've moved it now. Anyway, I picked up this Doehner watch and was wondering what this size or format of Swiss watch it's called. The maker is Doehner. All I know is that Doehner made similar enamel watches around 1830-40. This...
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    MB very slow but main index very fast to refresh

    Hi, I really did not want to complain but I've suffered through these problems for many months and they really appear to be due to the MB and not to general bandwidth or network bottlenecks. What I notice is the MB is often extremely slow to the extent of being completely unresponsive when...
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    Inexpensive watchmaking education for the French-enabled :)

    I thought some of you might find these news articles amusing and perhaps personally interesting. I read the story a couple of days ago in the local paper. Canada apparently has one watchmaking school left and it's in Québec. It is based on the French language but seeing that many fine watches...
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    Fires, thefts and other vagaries

    I've been watching with horror the tragedies that unfolded in Southern California. It's terrible to see so many people suddenly and utterly affected by massive fires. I can only hope the victims will receive adequate support and see these events through in a positive way. Of course we also...
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    Bell maker ID?

    Has anyone come across a maker of bells with a maker's mark inside the bell consisting of a star and the initials "JD"? I'm wondering if this is a contemporary maker or old maker that's not around any more. Thanks. Michael
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    A caution to Canadian (and US) eBay crossborder buyers

    There was a long thread which recently dealt with negative experiences caused by eBay sellers who pack poorly, resulting in goods being damaged during shipping. I had posted some warnings about the horrible insurance claims process with USPS. Well, I got some additional information today. The...
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    Can dirt cause a verge fusée movement to "slip"??

    Hi, I wonder if the experienced and knowledgeable folks on this forum can comment on a problem with a watch. It's an English timepiece, circa early 18C. The crown wheel seems to slip by the pallets and winds down immediately when I try to wind the watch up. I stop immediately of course and...
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    A lantern clock (not)

    OK, here's the mess of a clock I alluded to a couple of times before. I had a hard time photographing it. I'm still collecting materials, tools and information on how to work on this project but I think you guys can have some fun with it at this point. I think I have formed a pretty clear...
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    A lantern clock (not)

    OK, here's the mess of a clock I alluded to a couple of times before. I'm still collecting materials, tools and information on how to work on this project but I think you guys can have some fun with it at this point. I think I have formed a pretty clear picture of what it is. It measures 9"...
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    The Pope's clock

    I was watching the CNN coverage of President Bush's visit to the Vatican and noticed the Pope had a nice full-size gorge-case carriage clock on his uncluttered writing desk; besides a cross and a writing set. It's too indistinct for me to be certain but it looks like the clock strikes on a bell...

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