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    Emperor Case ID

    Can anyone identify this case trademark? Thanks, jjw
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    South Bend: Arrow Mark

    Can anyone tell me the meaning of the arrow mark next to the serial number? Thanks, jjw
  3. J

    New York Standard Crown Wheel: Removable?

    This post relates to "Lavina 105 (?) Ratchet wheel screw. Left hand?". When trying to remove the crown wheel screw on a NYSTD 1573, I could not budge it, left or right. I removed the keyless works and discovered that the wheel does not need to be removed to get the barrel bridge off. The...
  4. J

    High Dome Crystals

    I have had a couple of occasions to replace watch crystals. I chose to use the highest dome crystal available in the right size, and also the thicker ones, if available. This leaves a little of the edge of the crystal exposed on the finished watch. I'm not sure if this would be objectionable...
  5. J

    Instantaneous vs. Average Timing

    Is there a formula to predict the average timing over one winding cycle given the machine measurements (in s/d) at 0% and 100% of full wind? Thanks, jjw
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    South Bend, Superb Condition

    I recently bought a South Bend Grade 209 (1920). I know this watch is not of much interest to collectors, but I liked the look of it. Upon receiving it I noticed it is in remarkable condition; it almost looks uncirculated. I was told it came from a jeweler's estate sale. Maybe it was lost in...
  7. J

    Service Quality Assessment

    I would like to ask of the more experienced members how to objectively assess the quality of routine vintage watch service of the Clean-Lube-Adjust variety (for mechanical watches). As a user, I can think of two parameters: accuracy and run time. If I send a watch in for service, I expect it...
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    Parylene For Melamine Dials?

    Has anyone ever heard of using parylene to repair the Hamilton melamine dials which are cracking? Parylene is an ultra-thin polymer coating which is vapor deposited, so the stuff would penetrate every crack and crevice. As far as I know it adheres to almost anything (it's used extensively to...
  9. J

    Hour Wheel Rattle

    I have two watches where the hour wheel audibly rattles against the dial. I know it's not going anywhere, but is there a trick to keep it in place without creating any drag? Grease on the cannon pinion, perhaps? Thanks, jjw
  10. J

    Elgin Hairspring Strength

    I have two Elgin hairsprings, one is "Strength 2", and the other is "Strength 3". Which one is the stiffer spring? Thanks, jjw
  11. J

    Elgin Hairspring

    I noticed that on all the Elgin watches I have seen, the hairspring has a severe bend on the last coil leading up to the mounting stud. The spring cuts across the top of the coils. On other watches, the last coil winds around and more smoothly approaches the mounting hole. Is this feature...
  12. J

    Rockford Hands question

    I have a Rockford Model 1. As pictured, the minute hand has a small cutout on the spade part near the end. The hour hand has no cutout. I've looked at several other Rockfords with the same hands. Some have cutouts on the hour hand, some on neither one. I have not recognized a pattern to...
  13. J

    Waltham Setting Direction

    I have a 1925 Waltham 16s pendant set, and when setting, clockwise rotation of the crown produces counterclockwise rotation of the hands. I don't have much experience, but on every other pocket watch I have tried, the hands move clockwise with clockwise rotation of the crown. Are Waltham...

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