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  1. clocks4u

    Antebellum Shelf Clock Making

    I was thinking about ordering this from the NAWCC store. Does it contain a lot of information or is it more of a coffee table type book? I love seeing pictures of clocks. Would like information on makers and their histories to be included. Has this been reviewed in the Bulletin? Thank you, Chris
  2. clocks4u

    Henry Hart, Goshen Connecticut

    Picked this up back in late January. It appeared to be in overall good condition. What really sold me on this was the glass. It's a painting of what was then called Yale College from College Street in New Haven. There was some paint loss to some of the trees, part of a building and sky. Being...
  3. clocks4u

    MOP Cast Iron Front Movement ID

    I picked this timepiece up over the weekend. It was cheap enough and I found it interesting. No label anywhere. Though I may never know who assembled this, does anyone recognize this movement. The escape pivot bracket has an angled base where it's riveted to the plate. Is that a clue to the...
  4. clocks4u

    Cottage Clock ID

    It's not unusual to find these cottage clocks without a label. Can anyone ID this by the movement? I was thinking Jerome or early New Haven. Thank you in advance. Chris
  5. clocks4u

    George B. Owen Patent Calendar Help

    I picked up this little Gilbert George B. Owen patent calendar mechanism at an estate sale this past weekend. I ran the hands around and the calendar didn't advance. I knew it was a fairly scarce clock. Plus the price was too good to pass up, so I grabbed it. Hoping for a home run, I popped the...
  6. clocks4u

    Award Nominations

    I saw in the most recent Bulletin the list of the latest Star Fellow and Fellow award recipients. My question is, how does one nominate someone? We have a person locally that is WAY past due for a fellow award. I have brought it to the attention of a couple past chapter Presidents. I don't want...
  7. clocks4u

    Recent Estate Find

    I picked up this circa 1893 Waterbury Brockville recently out of a local estate. Other than what appears to be a recent movement repair, it is looks to be all original. I didn't mind that the finish is a little crusty. I prefer that over a refinish. What I had a hard time with was the poor...
  8. clocks4u

    Seth Thomas Regulator #80

    I picked this up yesterday along with a Chelsea #1 regulator. The pictures of the clock hanging are from the home of the owner and he took them with a flash. It looks way better in person. The #80 is the #20 without the crown and fancy drop portion. I believe this model was actually the...
  9. clocks4u

    New Haven Regulator 0

    A collector is selling several clocks from his estate. This one is rather interesting. When I told him it was a jewelers regulator, he said it was a train station clock. I said it likely wasn't. He then said it had a dual time zone dial. I didn't notice this at first, but it does have two hour...
  10. clocks4u

    French Clock Movement I.D.

    Does anyone recognize this mark? Haven't seen this one before.
  11. clocks4u

    Hamilton Model 21 Chronometer Question

    I recently picked up a very nice Hamilton Model 21 Chronometer from a local estate. Doing a message board search I was able to find some information. Serial #2E4817 was sold on 6/2/1944. I'm assuming it was sold to the Navy. It gives a sold to reference number of 64-1078. That same number shows...
  12. clocks4u

    E. Howard #10 Reissue

    Just picked up this E. Howard 1976 reissue of the #10 figure 8. It is clock #105 with all matching serial numbers. These are a somewhat affordable alternative to the early originals, which can bring big money.
  13. clocks4u

    Unusual American 30 Day Wall Clock

    Picked this up last Monday. I actually almost passed on it until I gave it a closer look. Pulling the dial, it has Hubbell 30 day time only movement. Dial and movement are original to the case.Though there are some extra holes in the pan, I'm positive they were from previous people not fixing...
  14. clocks4u

    New Haven Adige Shelf Clock

    I picked up a fairly scarce New Haven Adige model shelf clock in a box lot at a local auction. It’s in very good original condition less top finials. I was hoping someone may have this model so I can get some good pictures and measurements of finials. I have never seen this model in person and...
  15. clocks4u

    Question Regarding

    It appears the site is either in limbo, or won't be coming back. Is there any way we could get a clock/watch/parts/books wanted section on the message board? It could be limited to specific things and not broad posts like "Buying clock collections wall to wall" I'm thinking more like dial needed...
  16. clocks4u

    Watch Tool I.D. Help

    I did a clock, watchmakers buyout awhile back and still sorting through stuff. This tool has me stumped. One one side it's marked KK System Guaranteed, on the other side France. I'm guessing it is some kind of a part holder/vise. Sits on three legs and has a lever to open up a small notched arm...
  17. clocks4u

    Waterbury Regulator #9 Info Needed

    Does anyone own a Waterbury Regulator #9? It's the large jewelers regulator pictured on the front cover of Tran's Waterbury price guide from 1993. I need a close up picture of the very bottom trim molding. I can't tell from the litho in the book weather the molding has a design on it, or just is...
  18. clocks4u

    Strange Advertising Wall Clock

    Picked this up recently from a small collection of clocks for sale. This is a New Haven Rutland model wall clock. When I first looked at it, I wasn't sure of the model, so I turned it around to see if it had a makers label. To my surprise, this is what I found. At first, I couldn't figure out...
  19. clocks4u

    Early Cottage Timepiece Movement I.D.

    I was going through some boxes up clock stuff I bought recently and found an early cottage timepiece with no makers label. Does anyone recognize who made this? Looked at some of my reference material with no luck. Was hoping someone may recognize a feature on the movement that was a give away...
  20. clocks4u

    Dating Atkins Cottage Clock

    Hello...I have a one day Atkins time and alarm clock cottage clock I would like to date. Unfortunately, I do not have Gregory & King Atkins book yet. Just from the label, hands and movement, I'm guessing it's mid to late 1860s. Does anyone here have the book? If so, what model and year is this...

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