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    Clock video

    In yesterday's Daily Telegraph I came across the following snippet, 'Christian Marclay: The Clock' which I thought may be of interest. Obviously, it will be more relevant to UK collectors, but if any of you guys from over the pond are visiting, you could add it to your schedule. Chris
  2. J

    A bronze 3-glass case

    On Tuesday I went to the Ardingly, Sussex, antique fair, where I came across a bronze case which I had admired the previous year, but decided against because of the asking price. After a lot of haggling, I managed to halve the price and so it came home with me. As luck would have it, I found...
  3. J

    This clock has 'em!!

    Just bought this Thwaites & Reed spheroid weight clock, with a lever platform escapement, from an antiques barn near Canterbury, England. I've never seen one before, and I like something a bit different. The seller had only put it today and he'd bought it privately, so it's fresh to the...
  4. J

    It's a cuckoo clock, Jim, but not as we know it!

    Saw this in The Daily Telegraph (UK) last Saturday and thought it might generate some discussion.............
  5. J

    Lenzkirch mini grandfather clock

    I saw one of these at Detling Antique Fair last week and admired it, but was put off by the vendor's asking price of £850!!! He said it was very rare, and I'm sure it is, but coincidentally one turned up on that well known auction site, and I won it for a lot less money. Well it arrived the...
  6. J

    W&h ting-tang rescued

    I bought this Winterhalder & Hoffmeier ting-tang clock a couple of weeks ago at Kempton antique fair, for what I thought was a snip at £120, and thinking that it just needed some missing architrave replacing....... How wrong could I be! On removing the movement, I found that the backplate...
  7. J

    Black forest castle clock

    Yet another boot fair buy here in England! Alas, not another Jaeger LeCoultre, but still a pretty rare find. This time a little Black Forest oak clock in the style of a castle, bought for the princely sum of £18! The movement is a very basic Junghans, which may not be original, as the...
  8. J

    Fusee skeleton clock

    I went up to the Newark antique fair today here in the UK, supposedly one of the biggest in Europe. This is the first time I have been as it's quite a journey for me, and I have to say I wasn't overly impressed. Nothing really exciting clock-wise, and what there was tended to be over-priced. I...
  9. J

    Jaeger LeCoultre found at boot fair!

    Here in England we have boot fairs most weekends where all and sundry turn up at fields with everything from antiques to old clothes. Occasionally, something good comes along, and this Sunday it was my turn. Passing a stall I noticed a brass modern-looking clock. Picking it up I was excited...
  10. J

    Black forest shelf cuckoo clock

    Hi. been a bit quiet on the clock front of late, but have just bought this rather nice Black Forest shelf or mantel cuckoo clock from a friend of mine. He's had the clock for a few years, and I've had my eye on it a while, just a case of agreeing a price! Well, today I got it for £320, which...
  11. J

    Brilliant Beha Bonehand

    Two or three weeks ago I asked Roy 'Bonehands' to make a replacement minute hand for my Beha twin fusee cuckoo clock. Coincidentally, he had just made the exact pattern for the one I needed. The hand I received in the post today is a superb match in every way, including patina. At last the...
  12. J

    Huge Bandstand Torsion Clock-ID please

    Although I've posted a number of clocks on other forums, this is my first 400-day clock for a while as nothing interesting has come my way-until today! Bought this huge Bandstand-style clock at Kempton today for £95-the original heavy dome has got to be worth that alone! The clock stands 16"...
  13. J

    What happens when a fusee chain/line breaks?

    I am now in possession of two fusee clocks: one with chain, the other with gut. Worse case scenario-what happens when/if the fusee snaps? As I understand it, the chain or line whips round because of the tension in the mainspring, and if it's a chain it can cause a lot of damage. Are...
  14. J

    Black Forest ornate cuckoo clock !9th C

    This is the second Cuckoo Clock that I bought today. This one cost £140. Wooden plates, weight driven with original weights, ornate case, all complete with no damage. Matching original grid-iron pendulum. Again, seems to be working. 16.5" high. No maker's name on this one, so any info...
  15. J

    Beha fusee cuckoo clock

    Went to my favourite antique/flea market today and came away with two 19th C cuckoo clocks. This one is a BEHA twin fusee, bone numerals and hands, cuckoo with wings, 18" high. The crown is missing, but I have one from another clock that looks fine. I also need to construct a pendulum. It is...
  16. J

    Congress Clock Co-Any info?????????

    Bought this little table clock at a boot fair this morning here in the UK for £7.50. It looks a bit sad but is all there and is running! Pictures are as found. I have Googled Congress Clock Co. but there is very little info to be found. Obviously a little known company, but I'm sure some of...
  17. J

    Unusual portico clock

    This unusual ebonised Portico clock stands 20" (50cm) tall, and is inlaid with brass, enamels, and mother of pearl. I saw it first thing-6.30am!!- at Kempton ( a bi-monthly UK antiques market) but the seller wanted too much as it needed some restoration. It was still there later on, so I made...
  18. J

    17th C lantern clock with later twin fusee

    A local village had a garden safari, where people stall out in front of their homes. The first cottage I came to had mainly jewellery, but the lady asked what I was interested in and when I mentioned clocks, she invited me in to look at one she had. It turned out to be a Lantern clock. Now, I...
  19. J

    Vincenti visible escapement

    Bought this as a non-runner for GB£50 from a guy who sells clocks in a local antiques centre. He had replaced the missing pallets with steel ones but couldn't get it to run. One pallet was loose and twisted round, the brocot adjuster rod was not located at the escapement end, the teeth on the...
  20. J

    Longcase weights: which way round?

    On my c1850 Scottish longcase clock are 2 weights-one marked 11 pounds, one marked 13 pounds. Currently, I have the 11 on the strike and the 13 on the going train. Is this right? Read on a longcase website that they should be other way round, but can't find a definitive answer. Clock runs fine...

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