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  1. moe1942

    Moly lube

    The moly I have was given to me by a friend in the aircraft repair business. I think he said it was 85% Moly which is far higher than any commercial moly, which is usually 10-15 % at best..and it would priced way higher than I would be willing to pay.. I don't see why a good grade of...
  2. moe1942

    case oil

    For over forty years I have used skin oil to maintain worthy clock cases. My oil glands are still active at 72 and I still use it. It is better than the finest I have purchased. I rub in with my fingers and polish with my grandmas polishing cloth. Remove dust first. Just wondering if anyone...
  3. moe1942

    A Different Idea for Repairing Anchor Faces

    [Note: This thread has been pulled from another one since it took on a life of its own. - shutterbug] Well...better known for sweat soldering than getting shot by a jealous husband....:cool: Reading through the posts again I have come up with another out of the box idea.. I have a bunch of...
  4. moe1942

    EW cock repair

    If you fear the PC police there is an alternate way to properly bush the EW cock on American mvts..Fab a piece of brass same thickness and shape as the cock where the EW pivot is supported. Sweat solder it to the cock and you then have substantial meat in which properly install a bush.. All...
  5. moe1942

    Pivot polishing.

    Finally dug in the junk box and made a mount for my Foredom hand piece so I can use the lathe to polish pivots..A 1" scope mount works great.. I didn't notice until I mounted the polishing wheel that they must be punched out so it matters how it is mounted on the mandrel..The picture I show it...
  6. moe1942

    Helper springs in American clocks

    You are both correct and this is why it isn't a good repair for pivot holes in the gear train. I only consider this repair for lever pivot holes. Sloppy holes can cause all kind of problems in the strike train. Allows unwanted movement of the levers. I close holes from the inside. You can close...
  7. moe1942

    Ships clock repairman needed

    I have a friend in Cape May, NJ that needs a ships clock repaired. Sounds like a broken spring and will need the usual cleaning etc.. I don't fool with platform escapements or I would do it myself. If anyone is up to it please PM me with contact info. Mac is good people and won't be a problem...
  8. moe1942

    Taig upgrade

    This is for any Taig lathe owners. Finally got the new improved carriage and cross slide as well as head and tail stock risers.. Money well spent. The carriage is larger, more solid and the cross slide screw is longer as well as riding in bearings. Smooth as silk. Allows for increased travel...
  9. moe1942

    Basic info

    Some new to this endeavor may find some useful info at this site. Some not so new may find it interesting..
  10. moe1942

    Reference material

    Ran across this site and thought I would share..Geared toward the watchmaker but most of the info translates to clockmaking..I especially like his interpretation of the Jacot drum..Guess I'll have to make one..
  11. moe1942

    Small lathe owners

    Came across this item and it has possibilities..thought I would share. It would make a good graver rest too.
  12. moe1942

    Aids to clock repair

    When working with wheels and lantern pinions on arbors, in particular, a good set of jobber length drill rod, inexpensive set of dial calipers and a familiarity with the table of tolerances and fits will be a great help. The drill rod makes an accurate go-no go gage and the table of tolerances...
  13. moe1942

    NEW TO THE MESSAGE BOARD? Read this for tips.

    If you are new to the Message Board, and are looking for help or advice on a problem, it will make it easier for the rest of us to help you if you tell us a bit about yourself. Here are some suggestions: 1. Where do you live? (Country and State or Province) 2. Are you familiar with clock...
  14. moe1942

    Attention new members, please read this.

    Newcomers to the message board clock repair forum, please read these guidelines to help us better help you with your clock repair questions 1. Location of poster. Can be added to profile before posting. 2. Level of tooling available.. 3. Close up pictures of the problem area. More than one...
  15. moe1942

    Home brew

    I have managed to avoid hair spring mvts for all the years I have repaired clocks. I am getting weak. I bought a Banjo with just such a mvt. I have seen threads that say don't use regular cleaning solution for hair springs. Anyone have a favorite brew for cleaning a HS and gear train? I already...
  16. moe1942

    New tool

    Harbor freight had a hobby vise on sale. 2 3/4 ". I am really impressed with fit and finish. Jaws meet perfect, has rubber jaw covers. Vacuum base. Model 03311. Go to HF site to see it. Think it was $15 and change with a 20% coupon..
  17. moe1942

    Shelf clock

    I just don't know what it looked like in its earlier life..Hoping someone has a picture and or name.. Thanks.
  18. moe1942

    Shelf clock

    Not sure where this thread belongs so putting it in three..Thanks for any help..
  19. moe1942

    Shelf clock

    Need help Identifying this orphan..Bought it to try my veneering skills or lack there of. It measures 8 X 12 7/8 with the base being9" wide. It has a side hook lock for the door. No evidence that there was a rail to support the lower part of glass so it was one piece with reverse paint or...
  20. moe1942

    Lube update..

    I've had three small containers of almost pure molybdenum "moly" for years. we used it to lube moving parts in the after burner section of jet engines..Tough stuff. I finall got the bright idea to use it in clock movements..I started apply a very small amount to the entrance and exit pallets...