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  1. Elgin_Galaxie

    $ Manual for Overhaul, Repair, and Handling of U.S. Navy Mechanical, Boat, and Deck Clocks Seth Thomas Type with Parts Catalog April 1953!

    I recently came across this awesome book, it is titled Manual for Overhaul, Repair, and Handling of U.S. Navy Mechanical, Boat, and Deck Clocks Seth Thomas Type with Parts Catalog. Also printed on the cover Navships 250-624-9 Contract NObs-47863 Bureau of Ships Navy Department April 1953 Not...
  2. Elgin_Galaxie

    Do I Really Need a Pivot Gauge, or a bushing tool?

    I was just wondering if I absolutely NEED a Pivot Gauge when repairing a movement? The man that was "teaching" me sold me one awhile ago and I've never used it, and he never showed me how any of it works or how to install a new bushing. I had to learn by watching videos on YouTube. I've been...
  3. Elgin_Galaxie

    Clock L4- Cuckoo music box , Cases and Dials for wrist watches and pats for an electronic Benrus!

    One of my regular customers brought me this giant cuckoo with the huge Regula 72 and rather large music box. The music box is complete toast, and he wants this clock back asap, so he ants to just buy a music box instead of having me rebuild the one he has. If you have one like the one pictured...
  4. Elgin_Galaxie

    Watch Please Help! ookng for Le Coultre Wrist Alarm Cal. 814 Case and Movement for Hamilton 600 Cape Horn

    I recently receive a large amount of parts from a retired watch maker and found 2 that I would really love to reassemble. I have every part I need for the Le Coultre, the complete movement, hands, outer and inner dial, and both stems and crowns, but I can't find a case and case back for it! If...
  5. Elgin_Galaxie

    Did I Find a Real Patek Phillippe Movement and Dial? Also Heuer and Depose with Chime!

    I met a very nice gentleman at an antique store, I supply all the store's cuckoo clocks so we were discussing them when that man walked in and overheard us and said he was a watchmaker. He gave me his number, in case I needed help with anything because I am still new to watches, I usually only...
  6. Elgin_Galaxie

    $ Are there any good websites for buying, selling, and trading watches and parts?

    I was just wondering if there were ny good websites out there for buying, selling, and trading watches and watch parts. I also have the same question about clocks and clock parts. I'm sure a website like that would include clocks too, but I just figured I'd mention clocks as well in case there...
  7. Elgin_Galaxie

    Watch Please Help! Looking for a Seiko 8F56-0021 Perpetual Calendar Movement!

    I was browsing eBay a few days ago an came across this gorgeous Seiko watch with a Perpetual Calendar. I had never seen one, and fell in love instantly. It was listed "For Parts or Repair" so I figured my mentor wouldn't have an issue getting it going again for me. It looked near mint and the...
  8. Elgin_Galaxie

    Advice on removing and Instaling Stem and Crown Assembly on a Timex #22 Movement

    I have a few Timex watches with the old #22 movements and I need to get them out so I can clean them.. I can get the out easily sometimes, but they never go back in the right way, something always messes up. I have a Timex service manual but it doesn't cover that movement. Are there any tips or...
  9. Elgin_Galaxie

    Watch NOS Timex Hands Needed! Need to Stockpile!

    I had a pretty good collection of hands going, then I dropped the box and spilled them in the carpet and ruined most of them trying to pick them up, no matter how gentle I was. Are there any Timex collectors out there that have extra hands? I'll take hour and minute hands of any kind, but I...
  10. Elgin_Galaxie

    Japanese I need your help again! Trying to find info on this old Japanese wall clock

    I just picked this up today and I can't find anything at all on this clock. I've searched Google and worded it every way I can think of, looked on eBay, asked some clock makers I know, I can't find one anywhere. If I'm not mistaken, it's called a Mission Style clock...? There is no name on the...
  11. Elgin_Galaxie

    Clock Hermle 351-030 43cm for Hamilton Westminster Wall Clock

    I need to find a Hermle 351-030 43cm movement in working condition as soon as possible. I sold the clock a few months ago and he just brought it back saying it wasn't chiming at all and it wouldn't stay running. I have no idea why he waited so long to bring it back. I have been trying to fix...
  12. Elgin_Galaxie

    Clock L4 Sessions Electric Movement for Mastercrafters Girl on Swing and Dial for Small Ansonia Time Only

    I was recently given an old Mastercrafter's clock with a gir on a swing. The motor is toast, i've tried everything, and I cant find one on eBay. I'd really like to get it going for my mom, so if anyone out there has one, please let me know! If you have one and don't feel like taking it apart...
  13. Elgin_Galaxie

    Please help me date and find out some General Info on these 5 clocks!

    I just recently picked up some new clocks for my collection. Unfortunately, my dad just lost his job, so that means no insurance for my parents for a little bit and my mom's medicine is $1600 a month. So I have to sell a couple of my clocks to help, well, I don't HAVE too, but I don't want to...
  14. Elgin_Galaxie

    Clock Looking for a very small movement for my very small cottage clock!

    I got this little guy at an auction a few months ago and have been wanting to get it going for awhile now. There is no information or markings on the case or the movement and every person i've shown this movement to says they've never seen one like it..So if you have a small movement you think...
  15. Elgin_Galaxie

    Can someone help me identify my newest clock?

    For some reason I have fallen in love with this old beat up art deco(i think?) styled clock. I can't find any information on it. It says Foriegn at the bottom of the dial and that's it. There is no information on the movement, but I did find two symbols on the front of the movement, one looks...
  16. Elgin_Galaxie

    $ Vintage Watch-Craft Demagnetizer

    Another gift from my teacher, I was going to buy one of those cheap ones off Amazon, but he gave me this one out of no where one day. I can't find any information on and haven't seen another like it. It has a beautiful wooden case. To demagnetize, you put it in the white circle, press the...
  17. Elgin_Galaxie

    $ Seth Thomas Manual from the U.S. Navy

    I recently bought a large box of books and found this little beauty in it. It says Manual For Overhaul, Repair, and Handling of U.S. Navy Mechanical, Boat, and Deck Clocks Seth Thomas Type With Parts Catalog Contract NObs-47863 The only spot on the whole book is the little spot on the cover...
  18. Elgin_Galaxie

    $ Lorenz Static Table Clock

    I'm wondering how much my Lorenz Static Premio Compasso D'oro Desk Clock is worth. Cosmetically it's in great shape. It didn't run when I got it a couple days ago and I got it running, but lost a gear so it won't keep time. I plan on making it fully functional as soon as I get the part I need. I...
  19. Elgin_Galaxie

    Tool HELP! Need an Ultrasonic Cleaner That Can Handle a Full Size Clock Movement! Lots to Trade!

    I am getting quite a few clock repairs, and in an effort to make more money I recently decided to add watch repair because my father also lost his job due to poor health. So I moved back home to help care for both parents and they let me move my shop into their garage. Now I am supporting all...
  20. Elgin_Galaxie

    Clock Looking for a gear for my Lorenz Desk Clock

    Hello everyone! The gentleman teaching me about the wonderful world of watches and clocks gave me this little oddity to try and fix. It's a Lorenz Static Premio Compasso D'oro. While trying to get it running, I dropped the top plate and parts flew everywhere. I need the little gear that attaches...

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