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  1. Simon Holt

    Baduf 3-train movement; auto-correction question

    Although I've solved the problem I had with this movement, for my own satisfaction (read: OCD) I'd like to know whether it has been butchered as some point. This Baduf clock came to me with no history, and with no report as to what might or might not need fixing. Just a statement saying "it had...
  2. Simon Holt

    Hand fixing on Kienzle movement

    This Kienzle movement has no obvious way of fixing the minute hand. The shaft is square, but there is no hole for a taper pin: How would the minute hand have been secured originally? Simon
  3. Simon Holt

    Pendulum adjustment using two nuts

    This question may be a bit 'left field', but I haven't seen much discussion on the use of two nuts when regulating a pendulum. Occasionally, I've seen the second (i.e. lower) nut described as a 'locking nut', and I have never questioned that. I've also never questioned the fact that I've never...
  4. Simon Holt

    Contrate wheel end-shake adjustment: Loctite or not?

    This French carriage clock has a platform balance working on a contrate wheel. The end-shake adjuster for the contrate wheel (arrowed in the picture) feels a tad loose to me. I can set the end-shake to the required tolerance, but I have no confidence that the adjuster will not shift over time...
  5. Simon Holt

    Help Hyperlinks not obvious enough

    Regarding the new version of the forum: It would be nice if hyperlinks were more obvious compared to normal text in a post.
  6. Simon Holt

    Cuckoo Music Box Release is Reluctant

    I don't do cuckoo clocks but... The owner of this 3-weight 8-day cuckoo clock reported that the clock would always stop at 5 minutes to the hour. I traced the problem to the music box release, which is very reluctant to release. Even manually advancing the hands to force it to release requires...
  7. Simon Holt

    English long-case movement - gathering pallet issue

    Greetings everyone; I hope this finds you well. A friend has inherited his father's long-case clock and has asked me to service it. It is my usual practice to run a clock (if possible) before dismantling it for servicing, and I have immediately noticed a problem where the gathering pallet often...
  8. Simon Holt

    1870 E N Welch alarm clock

    I posted a query about this clock originally in General Clock Discussions (E N Welch Steeple Alarm clock: looking for date), in order to get it dated. I'm posting now in Clock Repair for guidance on a repair issue. If it's better to have one thread for one clock (regardless of the nature of the...
  9. Simon Holt

    E N Welch Steeple Alarm clock: looking for date

    Good afternoon all I'm hoping someone can help me put a date to this E N Welch steeple alarm clock: I have been asked to get this clock going for the local Masonic lodge. The clock has probably been in their ownership from new, but they do not have a record of when that would have been...
  10. Simon Holt

    Replace curved glass with plastic?

    Good afternoon everyone; I hope this finds you all well and not at all "stir-crazy"... Due to carelessness on my part, this wall clock took a tumble, breaking the glass: The clock has no sentimental value, and little monetary value, but I'd like to make it "whole" again – if it can be done at...
  11. Simon Holt

    Strange gathering pallet on round French striker

    This French striker (by S Marti et Cie) came in to the Repair Café last week for me to look at (before the lock-down was imposed). The gathering pallet on this one is like nothing I've seen before: Does this look home-made to you all? It's only the second rack-and-snail French clock I've...
  12. Simon Holt

    Asymmetrical count wheel

    Here's a tale that may help someone some day... By sheer coincidence, I've been presented with two French striking clocks, within the space of a couple of weeks, that utilise this type of count wheel (and of a type that I've never worked on before): Both of them exhibited problems with the...
  13. Simon Holt

    Spelter clock - missing bell

    Good afternoon everyone. This clock came in to me missing its bell: The only bells I've seen are symmetrical (i.e. with a hole dead-centre) and clearly unsuitable. What would a replacement look like - and should the bell also act as a cover for that aperture? Simon
  14. Simon Holt

    French clock identification help, please

    Hi all Can anyone identify the manufacturer of this clock movement? The following marks are on the inside of the front plate: I tried searching using 'anchor', and also an image search, but came up with nothing. Simon
  15. Simon Holt

    Challenging French clock project

    Before I start, in case you hadn't noticed, I've decided to post henceforth using my real name rather than the name I randomly picked when I signed up... Ordinarily I'd run a mile from this, but just this week I volunteered my services at a local Repair Cafe and I don't want to let them down on...
  16. Simon Holt

    French striker - what to watch out for?

    Good morning everyone. A neighbour has asked me to look at this slate clock, which I was told "doesn't run": I wound it up and set it going, and it will tick for a minute or two then stops (despite being in beat), so there's nothing fundamentally broken. I'll strip, clean and inspect it...
  17. Simon Holt

    Deadbeat query

    Good day, fellow addicts... I recently acquired a 1950's Smiths Enfield long-case clock at auction. It looked immaculate, but needed nine (9) bushings, including one end of the escape wheel. After rebuild and on test, it was running fast - about 45 seconds per hour. I hadn't tested it before...
  18. Simon Holt

    Son of a preacher - man!

    I recently made a mess of opening up a hole for a bushing (don't ask; I'm new to this...and dumb!), so knew I had lost centre (USA: center). Time for a preacher... I looked at the designs I could see on the message board, and decided to make an adjustable one, rather than a fixed one. I copied...
  19. Simon Holt

    'Secret' clock museum in Dorset, UK

    This is a hidden gem - it's not a secret, of course, but it escaped my notice for several years despite me living only 25 miles away: If you're ever in Dorset (and a great many people visit Dorset in the summer holidays) then be sure to look it up...
  20. Simon Holt

    Rack hook and gathering pallet binding

    This has me stumped. This un-identified English 3-train clock wasn't running when I acquired it, so I don't know if this is new behaviour. After the usual strip/clean/bush/polish & re-assemble, it ran perfectly for a few weeks but then the time train started occasionally stalling at about 5...

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