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  1. ballistarius

    Comtoise clock with phases of the Moon

    The last Comtoise/Morbier clock I purchased was one displaying the phases of the Moon. I had always looked for one at reasonable price and I found this one. It came along with its pressed brass pendulum, wich was a kind of bonus. Polichromy was more or less preserved, too. Maybe some day I'll...
  2. ballistarius

    Eli Terry & sons battered P&S

    Hello everybody, It's been more than a year without visiting the MB!:oops: A busy year, settling accounts with a small cancer... Last time I visited the MB, Sally had just died and now I find that George and Harold have been labelled 'deceased' too :( Well... Ten years ago, when buying American...
  3. ballistarius

    Writing on the backboard of a Herr quail cuckoo

    Hi, I own a mid-20th century quail cuckoo clock, stamped Hubert Herr on the movement (nothing 'earth shattering' to quote Bob Markowitz;)) I noticed that there were three pencil inscriptions at the inside of the backboard, not the typical repairer's ones. The first one is easy to read and...
  4. ballistarius

    Early 19th century? German? Bracket movement.

    Think that I must seek help if want to overcome this last severe clockitis stroke...screwball Another one is coming home. A caseless movement once belonging to a bracket clook with crownwheel...
  5. ballistarius

    GHS 1496 echo cuckoo

    Hi everybody, A two-train, weight-driven Gordian Hettich Sohn cuckoo clock. On the well-know catalogue, it appears as a novelty, therefore, it dates from the beginning of 20th century. on the same catalogue, it is numbered as 1496, which is duly handwritten at the back plank. The style of the...
  6. ballistarius

    Beha 516 shelf cuckoo with bracket

    Hi, I've broken again my promise of 'No more clocks' (My name is Aitor and I've spent three months without buying a clock...screwball) I won this auction last night A Beha 516 with twin fusee wooden...
  7. ballistarius

    Remains of a Waldviertel Vorderzappler

    Hello, It is nearly impossible to find wooden clocks here. Therefore, I couldn't resist when I saw the pitiful remains of this little one for sale, even if I knew beforehand that it will be never ticking again on my wall...:cuckoo: From what I could learn from Schaaf's Holzräderuhren book, the...
  8. ballistarius

    Wrecked shelf cuckoo

    Hello everybody again, It's been a long time since my last post here. Surely I've been busy with my other hobbies... :cuckoo:Anyway, now there are a couple of half-dismantled wrecked clocks on my desk again:cool: I catched this one via intenet. Too many parts missing fom the case (but...
  9. ballistarius

    Carl Werner cuckoo??

    Hi everybody, No matter how long ago did I run out of room, I continue buying clocks (was the word 'compulsively' passing through my brain for a moment?:whistle:) This one is not on the first row among those which I'd like to brag about here but, as I enter 20th century my scanty knowledge on...
  10. ballistarius

    REVIEW: An Eighteenth Century Japanese Manual on clocks and automata

    'Japanese Automata. Karakuri Zui: An Eighteenth Century Japanese Manual of Automatic Mechanical Devices' Translated and annotated by Murakami Kazuo. Format: Limited edition of 500 copies, soft cover, 257pp, 104 facsimile diagrams plus B/W photographs. Language: English. Publisher: Author. Pub...
  11. ballistarius

    尺時計 Shaku Dokei

    Hello everybody, At last, I've been able to purchase my first Japanese traditional clock (wadokei)Nutjob it is a tiny (37 cm high) weight-powered timepiece of the type shaku dokei (foot-rule clock, the shaku being a traditional lenght unit of 0.303 m or approx. one foot) On this type of...
  12. ballistarius

    Black Forest alarm movement

    Hello, Here goes another 'result' (third one of a total of, saaay, four:whistle:) of my last clockitis stroke... It is a late Black Forest alarm movement It is lacking dial, weights and pendulum. The backboard has been replaced and THOROUGHLY screwed to the movement:mad: Notwithstanding, as the...
  13. ballistarius

    18th century French Lantern

    Hello, Recently I could grab at a reasonable price a wrecked and extremely filthy French lantern movement. I think it is one of those 'with posssibilities'. I fell in love with the dial Chapter ring, central star and pediment disc with the inscription 'Fait a Provin 1794' are made of pewter...
  14. ballistarius

    An interesting wreck

    Hi all, I'm suffering from a medium to severe clockitis stroke again (When was it the last time I sworn to myself: No more clocks?:whistle:). It all started when I saw this rusty movement for sale. The seller says he found it at the French Comté, but to my mind it has nothing to do with any...
  15. ballistarius

    Pinion rods/wires

    Hi all. At what time did pinion rod/wire start to be used in clocks? I've just seen offered for sale an allegedly 19th century (prior to 1870) clock in which all or nearly all the arbors were cut out of pinion rod...screwball I collect 19th century clocks and, though I'm far from having a wide...
  16. ballistarius

    Beha 119: A late one

    I had sworn to myself that I wouldn't buy any more clocks...:whistle: ...maybe for a while...:whistle: But this early 20th century run-of-the-mill, little touched Beha 119 passed by, right in front of my cross-hair...:?| Numerals are celluloid but, hans are still bone. They are rather crudely...
  17. ballistarius

    Japanese Shaku-dokei clock repro 'Made in China' Opinions?

    Hello everybody, I've noticed this, seemingly nice, Chinese repro of a Japanese shaku-dokei clock offered several times at eBay. I've not seen any of these replicas with my eyes but, compared with the...
  18. ballistarius

    Ketterer Biedermeier twin fusee shelf cuckoo

    Hello everybody, Last add to my collection has been a pretty shelf cuckoo by Theodor Ketterer. As usual in Ketterer's production, there's no label or writing to identify it but, thanks to the diagnostic features enumerated by Dr. Schneider's on his last book, there is no doubt about the maker...
  19. ballistarius

    Is it bent?

    Hello, I have recently purchased a PHS shelf cuckoo. The movement is brass single-fusee. The clock suffered a shipping accident and I have had to straighten the rod (sorry for the incorrect term...) inside the motion work. When I look at the slit in the bridge suporting the suspensin spring I...
  20. ballistarius

    Help with PHS shelf cuckoo clock!

    Hello everybody, I have received a (once) nice PHS (aka Teutonia) shelf cuckoo. Ca 1870 in date. Due to a shipping accident, the case became badly shattered and the former owner offered it to me in reasonable conditions :cool: The heavy single-fusee brass movement went through the dial and...
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