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    Information on Elgin pocket watch

    Hi, My wife inherited an Elgin pocket watch. It is believed to be from the late 1800's early 1900s. If anyone has any information on when this watch was produced that would be very appreciated. Also, how do you adjust the time? Lift crystal and just move the hands? I am only now starting to...
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    Help Identifying clock

    The clock belongs to my neighbor, who just turned 60. She says this clock was her grandmothers, but doesn't know anything else about it. I didn't see any writing on the dial face. Any help identifying the clock and the approximate build date would be appreciated. Thanks, James Evans
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    Advice needed on 25 year old black forest cuckoo clock

    We got this 24 hour clock in Bavaria in 1990. It has three weights, time, cuckoo, and dancers. It's run great for yeas, but was always susceptible to a slight cross breeze in the house causing it to stop. For the last few years the time would stop if I wound the weight all the way to the...
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    Inherited Kitchen "Gingerbread" Mantel Clock

    Hi, I just inherited this kitchen clock. It has been in my family since it was purchased new back in the early 1900's. After searching several forums, I think it was produced by the E. Ingraham Clock company, and may be one of their "Oceans of the World" series of clocks. The wooden columns...

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