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    Ansonia Crystal Regulator - Hidden Brocot Movement....

    I recently acquired this Ansonia clock. It is quite dirty and will require a complete servicing. As I removed the movement, I did not expect to see the brocot movement. It was behind the dial, which I was a selling point for the hand painted dial. Two questions: 1. Is this...
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    KIENINGER & OBERGFELL Electromagnetic Clock

    I have a fascination for these electromagnetic clocks. Fairly simple when they work...and almost impossible if they don't. This one works fine. The original battery was replaced. Guessing it is from the 1960s, but I don't really know.... Thanks for any comments or observations you may...
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    Chauncey Boardman Steeple-Fusee

    Recently acquired this clock and it is my one and only Fusee movement. It appears to be all original....the dial is suspect, it is metal with a slightly raised chapter per original ...but it just looks too unused. I haven't done a thing to it yet...been running fine...the strike...
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    French..? Plato Flip Clock

    Clock photo only ~Bob
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    Seth Thomas Ships Clock - Merrimac

    Always wanted one of these....with the bell....outside would be nice but this one is very enjoyable. Purchased as non-running. The movement was and still is very dirty. Looking at the prospect of disassembling and re-assembling clearly beyond my current skill level...or at least it...
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    Seeking ID for Tall Case from Dial Photo

    Is there anyway to identify this tall case clock from this photo? Photo from a friend, the clock is not working but is apparently the second hand. Been in storage for years, family heirloom of sorts. The second photo is a view from inside the case toward the bottom of the...
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    New Haven Alarm Clock, ca 1949

    Picked this up...just couldn't leave it behind. According to the ad it is a GEM from 1949. Seems to work just fine. ~Bob
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    Ansonia Crystal Regulator, Dolphin

    After receiving this clock, with a missing pendulum and minute hand, I disassembled and cleaned everything. Don't know why...but I enjoy polishing brass. I acquired the faux mercury pendulum from Timesavers. Had to do some was too long for the small clock. (8 3/4 tall)...
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    Seth Thomas, Parlor #3, Calendar Clock

    Recently acquired clock. Has the dreaded Rathburn repair on the escapement wheel. I suspect that the dials have been replaced....both are cardboard but do appear to have some age. It has the case key and the top appears to have been painted gold and decorated with maple leafs. It has the lyre...
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    Terry Clock Company - Iron Time & Strike

    I just acquired this clock and am very much looking forward to cleaning it and getting it running. The strike spring is missing. Other than that it appears complete, though rough indeed. There is this brass band that goes from one side to the other that can be seen in the side movement photos...
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    Waterbury Carriage Clock - Conductor

    I have been fortunate to acquire this fine Waterbury clock. It runs, and strikes along with a repeater function. I have another clock of this model but the hairspring is beyond repair and beyond my skills. Purchased this one it hope of making one working clock out of two....even though the...
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    Change in Climate Upsets My Clocks

    It's only a theory at this point. But it does appear that several of my clocks that I keep running on a daily basis are acting up. Chimes getting out of sync, stoping to run where previously seemed to be solid runners. Is it possible the this warm humid weather is affecting my clocks? One...
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    Yet Another Couaillet Carriage Clock

    Seems I am in a delightful rut of sorts.....Recently acquired this clock...claiming to have a broken mainspring but actually it just became detached from the winding arbor. It appears to me...though, it doesn't show in the photos... that this may be a gilt clock. I refrained from a vigorous...
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    Geneva Stop on Carriage Clock

    I am very much a beginner, but was surprised to find this in my French striking carriage clock. Any further information welcome. I am replacing the mainspring in the hope of making this wonderfully sounding clock more accurate. Thanks. ~Bob
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    Daniel Pratt Jr. OG

    Picked this up on Facebook Marketplace. Appears to have original dial, though the numerals have been hand painted to compensate for fading...I guess. The moment has no marking that I have found. The mirror appears to be a replacement. The upper glass seems original...nice and wavy. I have...
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    Small French Brass Clock

    Technically, I don't have it's being shipped...but I can't wait to see if I can get some reactions for this learned group. 3 of the photos are the clock in question....the nicely cleaned clock is just something I found online....I can find no other. Thanks, Bob
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    E N Welch OG - Interesting Veneer

    I don't search out OG clocks...they apparently search me out. Couldn't pass this one up. The veneer, the great label and the remains of the tablet design a dirt cheap price, $28...and I was done. Missing the weights, pendulum bob and pendulum rod...well actually the rod is there but...
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    Chauncy Jerome, New Haven Case, Bristol Movement

    I recently acquired this clock from a NAWCC member here in Maine....and this fellow has quite a collection....I could have spent days .... Anyway this OG was in need of a good cleaning ...both case and movement. I refinished it with shellac ...might be a bit too shiny. The weight driven...
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    My New 40 lbs. French Slate S. Marti clock

    Purchased from an online marketplace.....disassembled with no pendulum, and top slate loose. This S. Marti & Cie, Medialle De Bronze, clock with open escapement has been an enjoyable clock to bring to life. I found a pendulum online...just came today and clock is will take some...
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    Jaeger Petite Neuchateloise clock

    Yup, it's an addiction of sorts.....but great fun....wandered into an antique barn...we have those in Maine, known to have a few clocks....and found this sitting on a shelf with no price marked. Went to the desk and walked out about $30 lighter but with this beauty. Yes it does run and the...

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