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    Nano470 Glass Glue on sale

    Dulles Glass & Mirror has Nano470 glass glue on sale this week. This is the glue that is formulated to make invisible repairs in glass. I am not affiliated with Dulles in any way. I am customer and have been very happy with their service. D`
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    beveled glass

    Dulles Glass and Mirror is having a phenomenal sale on custom beveled glass this weekend. D~
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    Clock LUND'S Patent synchronizing device

    I am looking for a LUND'S Patent synchronizing device in any condition. Thanks D`
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    Anyone heard from Dan or Henry recently?

    Hi, Has anyone heard from Dan Weiss (dweiss17) or Henry Lesovsky (eskmill) recently? Thanks, D~
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    setting the compound angle

    I need to make some centers for one of my antique ornamental lathes. It has a #6 Jarno taper so nothing is available commercially. The calculations were easy as the taper is .050 (on the diameter) per inch. That’s a 2.864 included angle. That’s impossible to set using the markings on the...
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    Horace Tiff timepiece adornments

    I am in the process of turning a finial for a Horace Tiff circa 1840 banjo timepiece. I have a bit of a conundrum in that in all the pictures I find on the web the adornments for these clocks, finials, chimneys, and side arms appear to be fabricated from mahogany. Being from New England this...
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    Display pedistal

    Even though it’s not exactly a clock case I hope you will enjoy seeing my latest project. It was constructed entirely from salvaged wood. A French swinger will sit atop this pedestal. I made the top pivot on the stainless steel rod so the beat can be set using the two stainless screws. D~
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    Even more snow

    It’s been quite a March weather wise; this is our third storm this month. We haven’t gotten that much snow but this stuff weighs about 20 pounds a shovel full. The bad news: There is no power at the shop today so nothing will go out the door. The good news: I get to stay home, read, sit by...
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    shop time

    Hi all, I just lost my "apprentice". He has left the nest and moved away. I am wondering if there is any one in the Rhode Island - Southern Mass. Area who would like to share some shop time and learn some new skills and perhaps teach me some new skills. I have a well-equipped wood shop, a...
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    132 years of dirt removed

    This case was made in 1884 and it has had a hard life. I have been taking my time cleaning it and resecuring any loose joints. I left the roof for last and have spent about 6 hours cleaning it. I have left the original finish intact, I probably need to spend another hour to finish it up. I'm...
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    Howard #77 hall clock

    I am trying to figure out how the door glass is held in place on this model. It is unlike any other I have seen. Does anyone have a picture of the inside of the door they could send me? Thanks in advance, D~
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    Two train swinger

    I just had a French swinger statue come to me for repair. The arm has been broken right off. The arm will be approximately 25 inches high when it is repaired. The owner said the swinger is time and strike but had no other information about the clock. I am not at all familiar with swingers and...
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    John Harrison and the Search for Longitude

    Is anyone going to this lecture by Roy McEvoy this Thursday in Marlborbough, Ma? John Harrison 1693-2016: Influences and Influence A Lecture by Rory McEvoy, Curator of Horology, Royal Observatory, Greenwich Thursday, March 24, 6PM This illustrated talk takes a look at the extraordinary story...
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    Hussey's speed indicator

    I am searching for photos of a Hussey's speed indicator. They were manufactured by E. Howard and sold by American Steam Gauge Co. and the Ashcroft Manufacturing Co. as early as 1880. As far as I know they were all mounted in cases with eight and one half inch dials. They used a Howard special...
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    vertical mill spindle square

    I recently purchased an SPI spindle square and just used it to tram in the vertical mill head tonight. I wish I had bought one of these years ago. It took me less than 4 minutes start to finish to tram the head in both directions. You can also use it with a sine plate to set the angle of the...
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    H&D Floor Regulator

    These great old Howard & Davis floor regulators were made to be very utilitarian with little concern to aesthetics. I wonder how many had a similar life with a different ending. The movements are so robust and overpowered that they were seldom serviced until the cable snapped and took out the...
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    M F H Stone

    When cleaning the movement of a Howard #81 I recently acquired I found “M F H Stone 2-1896” very neatly inscribed inside the large time side drive gear. It would normally be hidden from view because of the maintaining power setup. I know that P. Emerson was the foreman of the movement test...
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    E.Howard movement with unusual marking

    I recently acquired another E. Howard #69 engine room clock with the more common 8 day rectangular movement. The movement has a small letter P inside a larger letter G inscribed inside the back plate. I am sure it is original to the movement as it was inscribed before the movement was plated. I...
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    Boston based case manufacturers

    I’m doing some research on early marine clocks and would like to get some early sales catalogues from American Steam Gauge, Ashton Gauge, Ashcroft Gauge or any other Boston based gauge manufacturer around the turn of the last century. Does anyone have any information on where I might look to...
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    New lathe addition to the shop

    I am just bringing this into the shop and I’m excited to get it set up. I had to convert it from 550 volts 3ph to 220 volts 1 ph. It’s a Hardinge HLV accurate to .00005TIR. That’s not a typo Hardinge claims it will work to 5 millionths of an inch. This one is not new so it probably is outside...

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