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  1. Greg Burton

    Unusual early case for an 1873 Model 1 Elgin

    It is not marked. But from tarnishing and the little wear that shows it appears to be with coin or silver plate. It is a stunning case. Does anyone have any information about the maker?
  2. Greg Burton

    Looking for a good resource to clean and oil A,Eric an key wound

    The two excellent resources I use are booked up for weeks+. Does anyone know of a reliable horologist who can clean and oil a key wound in only a month or so? Thanking all who read this in advance. Greg Burton
  3. Greg Burton

    Georgian broken arch fusee clock

    Hi Chris, Yes, is can be wound from the rear. What is interesting the key for the rear is a different size than for the front. Good eye!
  4. Greg Burton

    Georgian broken arch fusee clock

    This is an unusual clock that was just serviced by my local horologist. It is unsigned. The movement, which is beautifully engraved, is original to the case. The inside of the case shows that the cabinet maker originally intended for there to be arched sound frets in the sides. Those openings in...
  5. Greg Burton

    Should a fusee watch be fully or partially wound?

    I have read two different schools of thought on how to fully wind an English chain driven watch. One is that the watch should be fully wound to provide full power. The other is that due to the age and fragility of the chain, it should be wound only 60% of the way. I’m curious what members who...
  6. Greg Burton

    My Georgian Dubliners

    In part due to my native Irish and Anglo Irish ancestry, I have focused my collection on Irish watches. These four are all from Georgian era Dublin watchmakers. The upper left is a verge by Willam Barrows, London hallmarks for 1805. Lower left is a rack lever by Curran, Dublin hallmarks for...
  7. Greg Burton

    US resources for servicing verge fusee and lever fusee watches

    The competent US resources I have found to clean and oil English fusee watches, in the words of one, would rather have a root canal than wok on a fusee. Any recommendations would be great y;appreciated.
  8. Greg Burton

    English PW Looking for a resource fo servicing fusee watches

    I am looking for a good resource to clean and service both lever and verge fusee watches. I have had the best results with a source in the UK. But I hope to find someone on this side of the pond. Greg Burton, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
  9. Greg Burton

    Good source for servicing verge and English lever watches

    I would like some recommendations for sources on this side of the pond for servicing fusee watches. I had a very bad experience a couple of years ago with a horologist from this site who kept a watch for almost a year, charged a significant sum, and returned it in worse condition that when I...
  10. Greg Burton

    Help identifying regional style of tall/long case clock

    Thank you for confirming by suspicion that it was a northern case. I examined the dial with a torch. The faint hairline cracks in the paint are evenly distributed and there is no overt sign of restoration. If the faith, hope and charity explanation for the subject matter is correct, then I...
  11. Greg Burton

    Help identifying regional style of tall/long case clock

    Graham, thank you, that makes perfect sense. Especially since one of the children is poorly clothed. Having a clock or an antiques’ provenance is always nice. But when you don’t, the detective work can be both challenging and fun.
  12. Greg Burton

    Help identifying regional style of tall/long case clock

    I think you win the prize. I just looked up cross-staff and about the time of the clock some mariners modified it. They were able to use it almost like a sextant. The longer crosspiece is under her arm. With the modified version the smaller end was pointed towards the sun. It makes sense...
  13. Greg Burton

    Help identifying regional style of tall/long case clock

    Nigel, You have good eyes. The woman in the centre is resting her right arm on an anchor. The woman on the left is holding something wood that is shaped like a capital I. There is a corresponding piece of wood to the top piece under her arm. I, too, at first thought it was a crucifix. All three...
  14. Greg Burton

    Help identifying regional style of tall/long case clock

    Jonathon, thank you for taking the time to confirm much of what I suspected. The gentleman selling the clock had been told it was missing a part when it stopped running after a move. So it sold for much less than it should. The crutch had become bent and needed to be adjusted. It is back in neat...
  15. Greg Burton

    Help identifying regional style of tall/long case clock

    I purchased this at a recent estate sale from a couple who were going to assisted-living. The gentleman had purchased it years ago at an auction in Virginia. Case has been refinished. With the possible exception of the very lower bracket is all original. Movement, weights and pendulum are also...
  16. English Tall Case

    English Tall Case

    Tall case clock
  17. Greg Burton

    Clock Maker or Retailer on the Dial

    Thank you for taking the time to research the maker. The workmanship on bothe the movement and the case is superior. Like you, I am enamored with Regency time pieces. My octagonal single fusee wall clock was made by a Bath clock maker. He declared bankruptcy in1832, so the clock predates his...
  18. Greg Burton

    Clock Maker or Retailer on the Dial

    The pictures show the regency bracket clock I acquired after a chapter 1 meeting in Philadelphia recently. The name on the dial is Thomas Read, Bishops Gate St., London. The last owner had the Dino restored but I do have a photograph of it prior to its restoration. What I don’t know is whether...
  19. Greg Burton

    English Bracket Clock case restoration

    Here is a picture of the movement showing
  20. Greg Burton

    English Bracket Clock case restoration

    Hi Liam, I was able to finess the look by using double edged sewing tape and affixing red silk cut tomtje correct size to the back of the brass fretwork. Thank you or offering to,hunt up photos for me. I now have a greater challenge. Since my prior posting I have been fortunate to find a...

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