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    Miniature Waterbury Drop Octagon

    This little fella appears to be someone's home project. It was unfinished when I found it in a flea market, and had no glass. The movement is a Waturbury 8 day balance wheel, probably from a desk clock. It's all of ten inches high. I'd say it was great work for a home project, not so good if it...
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    Can you help identifiying these 3 clocks i inherited?

    With the photo of the movement, I'd have to say that Felsing stamped his brand on an older clock.
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    Can you help identifiying these 3 clocks i inherited?

    The last clock made by Ernst Felsing, Bremen, who was working around 1900. You can find a photo of his shop here:,_AR_1909.jpg&filetimestamp=20150319131026& The caption is "residential and business building Ernst Felsing, watchmaker and...
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    New Ingraham

    Re: New Ingrahm I used Minwax semi gloss wipe-on poly. I suppose it's not a true oil finish, but the process is similar to using a Danish oil. Each light coat is simply wiped on with a lint free rag. Every few coats, its rubbed out with fine steel wool. Once the luster begins to develop, I rub...
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    New Ingraham

    Re: New Ingrahm It's been a while, but I finally found some time to clean up this nice Ingraham. I rebushed one hole, and replaced the suspension wire and the pendulum. Stripped the case and finished with a dozen applications of hand rubbed oil. Nice result for a small investment.
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    New Ingraham

    Re: New Ingrahm I've determined the model is a Dew Drop. The date code suggests it was manufactured in 1905.
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    New Ingraham

    I picked up a nice Ingrahm calendar at an estate sale. I paid all of $25, amazing. It need just a little bit of work...I need to strip & finish (it's painted with latex paint). I need to clean and overhaul the movement (one worn bushing). And I need a pendulum. Which brings me to a question...
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    George Marsh Clock - Need help ID'ing

    These George Marsh OG clocks weren't made by George Marsh. They were made by Chauncey Jerome, who briefly set up operation in the William Gilbert clock factory in 1858. Jerome had gone bankrupt, as a result of his failed partnership with PT Barnum, and had lost the use of his own name in trade...

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