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  1. Joseph Bautsch

    3D Printing Clock Tools

    There is a ton of 3D printable tools and other items helpful in the repair and restoration of clocks. The One shown here is of my own design to make replacement helper springs. These are the small brass springs you find on the various locking, strike hammer and count arbors. When I'm servicing a...
  2. Joseph Bautsch

    German Key Hole Vienna, Maker?

    I just picked up this clock at the Mid-South Regional yesterday. I was told by the seller that it is called a "Key Hole" German Vienna clock. There is no makers name on it anywhere. It does have two sets of numbers on the back plate, 42/105 (pendulum length?) on the left and 12370 (serial...
  3. Joseph Bautsch

    Birge & Mallory, 8 Day

    Picked up this clock in the last couple of days. Its a Birge, Mallory & Co.; December 14, 1837 – November 24, 1843. It's in very good shape for its age. A few small pieces of veneer are missing and should be no problem repairing them. The dial and center glass are original. The bottom glass has...
  4. Joseph Bautsch

    dial Black Forest 8 Day Wood Shield Dial

    I'm looking for a Black Forest 8 day, wood shield dial, with two front winding holes. If you have one available please send me a PM.
  5. Joseph Bautsch

    Sherline's Steady Rest With Ball Bearings

    A modification I made on Sherlines Steady Rest was to add ball bearings to the finger ends. Attached are photos of the three different sizes of bearings from small, 6 mm diameter, (see it on the tip of my finger), 8 mm, and 13 mm. There are several advantages to using bearings, there are no...
  6. Joseph Bautsch

    Resurrected From The Dead

    Attached are two photos of a kitchen clock I just finished restoring. It was a E. Ingraham "Ocean" series, "Atlantic". But it came with a New Haven works, in pieces, in a plastic bag. I found it on line for $5 and $7.50 shipping. That's it in the plastic box and how I received it. The seller...
  7. Joseph Bautsch

    Easy Sherline Tool Post Grinder

    The attached photo shows an easy to make, less than half a day, tool post grinder for the Sherline. A two and a half inch length piece of 3/8" square cold rolled steel, faced off and with a 45 degree edge is strapped to the body of an pneumatic pencil grinder. The straps are worm screw 5/16"...
  8. Joseph Bautsch

    Clock Donut shaped counter weight

    I have a single loop chain driven T&S, single weight 30 hr grandfather clock. What I need is the donut counter weight that goes on the chain. If anyone has one they are willing to part with please let me know by PM. If someone knows another source for this counter weight I would appreciate your...
  9. Joseph Bautsch

    Help With ID and Date

    I recently aquired this 30 hr time and strike single chain works and dial. I've determined that its English by the name of the city on the front, Newcastle. I can't make out the rest of the label which is likely the name of the retailer. The initials look like D R and the first letter of the...
  10. Joseph Bautsch

    Modifing A Bushing Machine to Work On A Sherline Mill

    A lot has been said about installing bushings by hand and with several types of machines. Although bushing by hand works OK, and I did so for years, and free standing machines work great but are very expensive, I wanted something more economical than buying an additional machine just for...
  11. Joseph Bautsch

    Blowing Away Hard Core Rust

    I often buy clocks have suffered long time abuse and the works often have a substantial amount of rust and other crud that is difficult to get off. I saw the use of this method in a comment made by Jerry Kiefier so I have to give him credit for the idea. I'm using a AEC Air Eraser with a very...
  12. Joseph Bautsch

    Black Forest Oil Painting Clock

    Attached are photios of a Black Forest thirty hour wood frame oil painting clock I recently acquired. The painting is on a sheet of tin zink and is 9 5/8" wide and 11 3/4" tall. It has a 4 3/4" bronze bell for the alarm and uses a wire gong to strike the hour. The photos show the frame mostly...
  13. Joseph Bautsch

    Sherline Dealers?

    Is there a list somewhere of message board members that are Sherline dealers? I need parts and accessories from time to time and would perfer to give the business to them.
  14. Joseph Bautsch

    E. Ingraham Time only - Model & Date ID?

    Attached are several photos of an E. Ingraham, Bristol CT I just acquired today. My research library is limited. I did find several Ingrahams in what I do have but not like this one. It is missing the thermometer on the lower right of the door and the hydrometer on the lower left. (ordered from...
  15. Joseph Bautsch

    A Sad Story

    I lived in New Orleans for a great many years, that's where I started repairing and collecting antique clocks. There was a wrecking yard there, Carrollton Wrecking. They tore down a lot of the very old houses to make room for new construction. The materials from these houses dated back to the...
  16. Joseph Bautsch

    Bending A Metal Strip Into A Recoil Verge?

    I've seen a lot of information on the MB on adjusting and replacing a recoil strip verge with an existing one. Does anyone have a way to accurately bend a strip of metal into the recoil verge form? I'm not very good at free hand bending anything so that is out. I'm asking this because I've made...
  17. Joseph Bautsch

    Restoration?? or Trash Can

    This is the clock I purchased: This is what the USPS delivered. I purchased this clock, an Ansonia Black Slate open escapement from a seller in England. (He will give me a full refund, price and shipping.) So that is my "Newest Acquisition". I have received damaged goods in the mail before...
  18. Joseph Bautsch

    Strip Verge Material??

    I need to make a new strip verge for a 30 hr. Black Forest wood plate and pillar Cuckoo Works. I ordered the verge strip material from Timesavers but it fractured when I started bending it to shape. I tried heating one and it just fractured faster. Is there some trick to bending them to shape I...
  19. Joseph Bautsch

    Wire Source?

    I often find a need to replace a lift arm wire, crutch wire, etc. that are broken or rusted out. I have only been able to find very soft wire or very hard wire neither of which is suitable. Too soft and it bends out of shape to easily or so hard that it's very difficult to work with especially...
  20. Joseph Bautsch

    A Railroad Cuckoo Internet Find

    Attached are five photos of my most recent find on the internet. It's a Black Forest Railroad Cuckoo with a wood plate and post works. It's obviously in rough shape. Except for some of the carved pieces all the important parts are there. There is enough of the carvings there that I can...

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