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  1. Monte87

    Benrus AS 1906 can't set backwards

    Received a Benrus with AS 1906 movement in non-working condition. Performed disassembly and everything appeared proper besides needing a good cleaning and oiling. Although, someone had worked on the watch previously because there was a screw missing from the Calendar works cover plate! After...
  2. Monte87

    Day Date function on Benrus AS 1906?

    Hi folks - I was given this Benrus day date wristwatch with an AS 1906 movement. Question is how the DAY and DATE are supposed to be displayed. As the hours pass, the DAY disappears from view before the next day appears over many hours... It does not 'snap' to the next day of the week they...
  3. Monte87

    Seeking Waltham Vanguard Pocket Watch Repair in Oregon

    I have a friend in Oregon who has a Waltham Vanguard pocket watch from 1914 that we would like serviced. He is elderly and not tech savvy at all. We don't feel comfortable shipping this watch such a great distance to me for service. Can anyone recommend any service options in his area of...
  4. Monte87

    Uncasing an Agassiz pocket watch

    I inherited a working Agassiz pocket watch. It's in a silver case that I would like to polish carefully - perhaps with just polishing cloth. But I was not able to remove the movement from the case. I found and rotated 3 flat-sided case screws, and have pulled the stem into the setting...
  5. Monte87

    movement part Wanted: Elgin 680 or compatible balance

    Hi - have an Elgin 680 that was dropped and now the balance is wobbly. Jewels are fine just the staff is broken. I have not performed staffing before and would like to get a complete balance assembly. Thank you
  6. Monte87

    Mechanical WW Rolex 8064 repair

    Hi everyone. I was given a very nice Rolex 8064 to work on! I did some searching but couldn’t find an answer... Shouldn’t there be a case back gasket in this watch?
  7. Monte87

    Electric WW Bulova Accutron Quart 2431.10 repair

    working on a Bulova Accutron Quartz 2431.10 movement. Trying to find info on this movement - but haven't had much luck. Watch won't run with a proper battery installed unless I jump the (-) battery connector to the trace on the board that is physically apart from the connector... Should that...
  8. Monte87

    Zenith Allegro - ESA 9162 battery?

    Hey everyone - My Dad got this watch back in the 1970's. I remember him wearing it and I liked hearing the 'humming' sound it made. He wore it until he couldn't get a battery for it anymore. I guess that is when the Mercury batteries went extinct. I read that the Original battery was a 343...
  9. Monte87

    case Omega 470 cal. overhaul

    Hi - I was given this nice little Omega Seamaster with a 470 cal. movement. The crystal is very scratched up but inside is a beautiful copper movement - although it is very dirty. How do I remove the Crown and Stem? I can't seem to find the appropriate screw or button... thank you

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