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    Clutch Mechanism on G.K. Movement, Cuckoo Clock Minute Hand

    First harden, then temper.
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    Hubert Herr hands

    For future reference: Clock Parts For Builds & Repairs | Frankenmuth Clock Company
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    Countwheel cuckoo bird trouble.

    I know this is an old thread, but, for the the sake of those reading the thread that are having the same problem, I give my 2 cents. This movement has the same operational design as the old cast brass railroad style cuckoos. There is a brass cam with a cutout that has a brass lever with a...
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    Super Dummies Course needed

    Here's part of my video on how to take these apart and reassemble them:
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    Cuckoo Clock Gear that holds chain is real loose

    Here's the wheel in question: Ratcheting Chain Wheel 35.0mm x 66 Teeth x 27.5mm Arbor It is a press fit on the arbor and, when it cracks, the crack extends from the arbor to between two wheel teeth. That makes the plastic gear not only loose, but the crack increases the space between the two...
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    Eschle Singing Bird Bellow Repair

    Having researched the daylights out of this, the original material, and that preferred by the "purists" is called zephyr skin, which is made from the outer layer of animal intestines. Difficult to find. Some German leather suppliers have it. Other restorers have substituted goldbeater's skin...
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    herschede 2 weight 7 tube

    Old thread, but for future searchers. The second edition of Conover's book (1999) contains an entire chapter on the two-weight movements. (Chapter 10, pages 42-49) with excellent descriptions of function and assembly.
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    Cuckoo Clock Gear that holds chain is real loose

    I know this is an old thread, but for future reference, when the OP was talking about the "black gear" on the time side chain wheel, I wanted to tell him to look at that gear and he would likely see that it is loose on the arbor because it is cracked radially from its center to between two teeth...
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    Recovering Old Cuckoo Bellows

    For those interested in real leather but don't want to pay crazy clock supplier prices, this is where I get mine/ paper thin leather | eBay
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    Recovering Old Cuckoo Bellows

    Old thread, but finding marble paper is as far away as Google. Search for color you want, such as "red and brown marble", look under "images", find the one you like, save it, print it and use it.
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    E-clip or locking clip removal on back plate Regula movements

    Thank you for the backup confirmation for this tool. I'm used to seeing your name on my videos. I wish I consulted this message board more often. I've been a member of NAWCC so long, I still have a hard time thinking of it as having resources other than The Bulletin and the lending library.
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    E-clip or locking clip removal on back plate Regula movements

    Part of my problem was doing the video this morning. I am currently dealing with a condition that causes extreme pain and joint stiffness that is much worse in the morning and the medication I take also affects my eyesight. Your points are well taken and I thank you.
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    E-clip or locking clip removal on back plate Regula movements

    I bought the Knipex tool. Here is how easily they remove the "crab clips". Easy, even for an old fart.
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    E-clip or locking clip removal on back plate Regula movements

    Thank you. I'll give it a go. Those doggone things have been driving this old fart crazy. Once I get them off, I make a brass collar with a tapped hole in the side, make a matching screw and secure the levers with them. I'm retired and enjoy making them, but I sure as heck didn't enjoy...
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    E-clip or locking clip removal on back plate Regula movements

    You must have been watching me on YouTube. The first of these I had to get off was also rusted to the arbor. Really fun. I just fought them again the other day and is found on a portion of another of my YouTube videos. You might enjoy the rant about industrial engineers. By the way, thanks...
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    Cuckoo Clock sounds the Quarter Hour!

    Call of the real European Quail:
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    Searching For Hubert Herr Clock Parts

    Here's your pendulum: 1 Day Maple Leaf Also for cuckoo parts generally, including weights: Cuckoo Clock Parts | Frankenmuth Clock Company
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    Problem with Hubert Herr Cuckoo

    I know this thread is very old, but I thought some of you might be interested in how I resolve the issue of door opening in these cast-brass movements. I've done this on three different clocks, so I know it resolves many issues with adjustment of door opening. Here is a video I made of a short...
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    Cuckoo Clock continuously cuckooing

    Jim I can see from your video that the detente that should stop the pin is not falling at the appropriate time (when the pin is exactly at the detente). That can be caused by the gathering pallet having slipped just a bit on the arbor end. What should happen is that the detente drops in front...
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    GK Cuckoo Clock Chain

    I had the same problem with a clock movement I'm repairing. Still can't find 41 LPF. I found 39 LPF and 43 LPF from Timesavers. Neither worked well -- either jerked intermittently or came out of the track. Finally found Otto Frei Jewelry and Watch Supply in San Francisco. They have 40 LPF...

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