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  1. KurtinSA

    Leaving Atmos Locked - Good or Bad Idea?

    I've been running my Atmos for a number of it from a member of our local chapter. Performs very well. Late last year, I decided to just slide the lever over and lock the pendulum...I did it at full rotation...figured if I wanted to restart, I'd just unlock it. I guess I'm weighing...
  2. KurtinSA

    Dating of Kundo Clocks from the '60s and '70s

    Did Kundo have a dating system for clocks in the 1960s and 1970s? I've seen some other non-400 day clocks use things like B21 to mean the second half of 1921 or 2513 to mean the 13th week of 1925. Decided to service this Kundo, plate 1380 and the guide says c1976. On the base bottom is...
  3. KurtinSA

    Help How do I return to the forums?

    I must be missing something. I was reviewing all my conversations full screen. Once done, I looked around the screen to find a link back to the forum. Couldn't find anything. I ended up clicking on the NAWCC logo in the upper left which took me to my sign in screen. Still couldn't find a...
  4. KurtinSA

    The quest for power

    Quote from long ago - "We need more power, Scotty!" That seems to be what a lot of my clocks suffer from...they might run for a while, but after 3-4 months they stop. I realize that the power comes from the main spring, but then everything else either robs power, ie friction, or the escapement...
  5. KurtinSA

    Main spring nemesis

    Well, one of them anyway! I seem to have trouble with the inner coil, the one that catches the winding arbor. From time to time, that coil gets stretched out. Not sure how that happens, but maybe it's when I put a screwdriver through the inner coil and stretch it out to clean/oil. Somewhere...
  6. KurtinSA

    DIY Polishing Pads

    I'm looking to either make or buy some polishing tools that I can use with my Dremel. The need is to be able to polish the pallet lock/impulse faces on 400-day clocks. As with all pallets, one of the surfaces in question is on the inside and for 400-day clocks, this area is difficult to get...
  7. KurtinSA

    Calculating rotation of wheels

    Can anyone point me to a discussion of computing how long it takes for a given wheel in the going train to make one revolution? Clearly, the center arbor/wheel turns once per hour. I guess then the next wheel closer to the main spring could be figured by doing the math regarding pinions engage...
  8. KurtinSA

    Kienzle Louvre Made by Huber

    I saw this in an estate sale listing...had to check it out because these kind of things don't show up that often. Second day of estate sale...surprised it was still there...probably the price! 25% off though!! The dome is very nice! Thick glass and in good shape...I think the dome itself was...
  9. KurtinSA

    Help Flyout Menus

    This is starting to bother me a bit. Every time I drag my mouse pointer across the blue line of menus "About Visit Collections..." the list for that menu flies out and stays on the screen and I can't get to the forum area underneath it. I have to move my mouse off to one side, wait for the...
  10. KurtinSA

    Help Breadcrumbs

    I think this was the situation in the previous version and I had a comment then. If I go to any of the elements under "Clocks", the breadcrumb appears as: Forums > Horological Education > Clocks The URL is element specific, but the breadcrumb seems rather generic to me. Shouldn't it say...
  11. KurtinSA

    Help Push notifications

    Just saw a dialog box at the bottom of my screen asking me for permission to push notifications about this site to me. Never seen that before. Is this new to this upgrade? What does it do and why would I want it? Kurt
  12. KurtinSA

    Help Refresh Speed - Good!

    One thing that I'm glad to see...pages download faster than before so some improvement with the software has been made on that. I appreciate that! :) Kurt
  13. KurtinSA

    Noises when winding mainspring

    OK, I suppose this could be for another part of the forum, but I'm a 400-day guy! So what is going on when during the initial wind after assembling the clock, I get sporadic "clunks" as I wind the spring? I didn't hear any of that when I had the spring on the winder after slipping the spring...
  14. KurtinSA

    Schatz 49 Base Decorative Ring

    Sometimes I guess I wonder about things! I use a polish/paste to shine up my bases. And I've noticed that paste gets caught in those little radial lines that run around the top part of the base next to the edge of the dome. It actually clouds the brass so it doesn't shine as much. So, I've...
  15. KurtinSA

    Schatz 49 Winding Arbor Diameter

    I'm working on the run of the mill Schatz 49. After taking it apart, I notice that the spring barrel rivet/nail has really worked on the side of the barrel. I'm not in a position to repair it but believe I have a replacement barrel. The replacement in my stash has both the cover as well as a...
  16. KurtinSA

    Schatz Dial Cleanup

    Any suggestions on how to attack this dial? It's a Schatz 49 dated 5 54. I've attached another Model 49 I have which is probably what it should look like. The dirty one has some of the black coming off the numbers. Kurt
  17. KurtinSA

    Removing Pinion on Huber Center Arbor

    I decided to dive into an older Huber. This style of clock has the cannon pinion pushed onto the arbor. I have been avoiding it because of that, but have been working on a few Schatz Type 53 clocks which are the same way. With the Schatz clocks, there's a hand nut, so that can be screwed on...
  18. KurtinSA

    Help Parts Wanted Post Ordering

    On all of the subforums that I tend to visit, threads with new posts bubble to the top. In the Parts Wanted forum, they don't. Often times, I have to scroll down a number of screens in order to find the new post. Is this the way that forum is set up? Is it something on my end? I find that...
  19. KurtinSA

    Schatz Type 53 Loose Upper Supports

    Just started working on one of these. First time I've found that the two supports which tie into the hoop frame are a little loose. How can I tighten them? It's the hex shaped standoffs that are loose on the posts. I think they should be tighter to avoid looseness when in the frame allowing...
  20. KurtinSA

    Source for pendulum base grommet for Kaiser

    I have a Kaiser Universe which is missing the brass grommet that surrounds the pendulum as it passes through the base. I was thinking that item #23802 from Timesavers might do the job, but I've been told the picture online is not right but looks more like that for item #29183 which seems to...

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