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    IBM Simplex synchronous clock rattling?

    Email me at i may be able to help.
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    Seek IBM 6148 relay

    Do you have a picture?
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    Simplex clock - need information

    I've been retired for 20 years, but as I remember before the electronic master clock was available to run the dual motor clocks, they were controlled by a wall plate arrangement, there was an on off power switch, an advance and run switch and a latching relay assembly that would control a lamp...
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    Raspberry PI

    Is there a schematic to build a raspberry PI for a 24vdc impulse wall clock
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    1940s? Simplex Slave Clock

    Plug the clock in and keep it upright, lift the lever just enough for the arm that it is stopping to start to move the minute hand should move and stop at the 59 minuite. and continue to run at normal speed. Then do the same thing except lift the lever up until it latches up, the clock should...
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    IBM Need help trouble shooting a 2 wire IBM / Simplex system.

    I'm not familiar with this, but you say the error is Cincinnati D3, I think you might look in the master instructions and see if there is an option for a Simplex 2 wire. I know that the Simplex model 2350 and 6350 had a listing in the installation instructions for competitive equipment you had...
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    Lighted clock dial

    I know Simplex had some luminous dials that were used on ships.
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    Repurposing IBM/Simplex Slave Clocks - Time setting???

    You could use 2 single pole switches, one to shut the power off and the other to control the relay.
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    simplex tc

    Hi contact me at, might be easier to help you.
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    simplex tc

    Remove the drive shaft, spin the minute shaft, it only spins forward, see if it binds, most likely it is lack of lube.
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    1910-1920s Simplex T-10 Parts or Repairs

    Hi, if you are still looking for a hammer rubber, you can contact me a I might be able to help,can you send a picture, I never saw this model with cotter pins, it was normally 1 brad that held it in place.
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    The only way to set this clock is to remove the glass and move the minute hand clockwise and the hour hand will follow or just wait until it is the correct time and plug it in. A signal generator or transmitter was required to correct this clock along with a master clock. Do you have a master...
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    International Time Recorder Co KEY

    I would be interested in any history you have on the clock, I think the sticker in the clock lists a Kenmore telephone exchange number, that would be around the Fenway Ball Park area, I believe Simplex or IBM may have had an office in the area years ago. Sometimes you will find a salesmans card...
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    International Time Recorder Co KEY

    The IBM parts book list the part number for the clocks, but the part number does not give you the key number, I have a not that says the STS 1 key fits the 1930 IBM model 25. If you have know the model or have a picture of the clock that someone could identify that might help, I have some keys...
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    Rauland system 21

    The Simplex 2350 and 6400 had a BCD output.
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    What have I just bought?

    Looks like an early Simplex, I think it was 1959 when Simplex bought the IBM clock division, the date on the movement looks like May 1959, there is also a date on the motor, but if the motor was repalced it may not match the movement date. The back dust cover may be from another clock, sometimes...
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    Simplex Time Recorder Operation

    I believe that if you move the minuite hand in a clockwise direction the clock should advance and the dial under the clock should advance also. The hour is stamped on the lower dial and the hour under the contacts should be in sync with the upper clock face. ( this is for a motor driven clock...
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    Simplex Time Recorder Operation

    Hi your clock is a bell ringer and not a payroll clock, looks as though it is run by an electric motor sinced there is no place to wind it, it is programmed to ring at 5,25,35 and 55 minutes passed the hour, the hours are programmed on the wheel below the dial, the power would run through the...
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    IBM Model 37 Radio Supervised Master Clock

    Hi I may have some info I can send you . You can e mail me at
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    IBM wall clock

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