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    WALTHAM -Please help identify

    Yup. Swiss, and not particularly old. Enjoy it for what it is, especially if it still works, and don't worry about what it isn't. If it does still work, then you may wish to sort out a replacement bow from somewhere, e.g cannibalise it if you happen to have some random non-antique but broken...
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    Mystery Watch — I hope someone bought this watch!

    We do sometimes see some fairly similar Waltham dials (like this one, or sometimes with whitish outside and golden in the big circle) however they're not too similar. So, I'm with Jerry in suggesting "Swiss", and I'm worried that whoever bought it just wants to melt it.
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    The movement looks very European e.g. Swiss. Enjoy it for what it is, and don't worry about all the things that it isn't.
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    $ HELP!

    I see a lot of watches just like this one - small, anonymous, with fancy dial, and a similar or identical movement. The pin/nail set is also quite typical. Enjoy it for what it is, and don't worry about whatever it isn't. If you have another (broken) watch of similar size & colour laying...
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    Pocket Watch

    The plate layout does resemble a Waltham 1888 a bit, but it's not a Waltham. The damaskeening pattern is very typical of Swiss movements. To me the most interesting feature is the homespun doodle on the dial. Although it's not unusual to see a Sacred Heart, they're usually a bit more subtle...
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    Waltham Pocket Watch Swiss

    In answer to the question of whether this is a Waltham..... Let's try an analogy. If we imagine a car brand, say, a brand of British cars called "Fred" that were successful as sports/racing cars many decades ago, but then the company ceased trading and the factory closed somewhere around the...
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    Coventry Lever Co Ltd

    Ok, I have done the field trip... Here is a new photo. They don't seem to be very keen on house numbers or even letterboxes in this street, but fortunately the internet can lend a hand. Just out of shot to the right is Jack Wills at number 40. Then there is Cannon Street (which, by...
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    Coventry Lever Co Ltd

    As previously mentioned, Walthams from "Coventry Lever Company" - a "main Birmingham agent for the American Waltham Company" of 41b New Street in Birmingham - do turn up from time to time on ebay. They generally seem to be fairly unremarkable movements, so the main interest is usually in the...
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    What can you tell me about this Deuaville?

    Yes, that doesn't look very old. The plastic ring around the movement would not look out of place on a watch bought new today. It set my thoughts off in a slightly different direction - Has anyone ever created a quartz/battery watch, wherein the movement *looks* mechanical, because of a load of...
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    Record W Co. movement in A.W.C. Co. Case

    If it says Swiss on the movement then that's exactly what it is. "Back in the day" the movement and case were separate purchases from separate manufacturers, so they need to be analysed in isolation. Nice case - 10-sided is a little unusual. You could consider temporarily switching in a...
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    I don't know what it is, but I've seen very similar stuff that is new, made in China, being offered on market stalls for a few quid. A photo of the movement would help.
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    My new A.W.C.Co Puritan Watch. Any information you can provide on it would be welcom

    Re: My new A.W.C.Co Puritan Watch. Any information you can provide on it would be we A quick search on this site for "puritan watch" turns up quite a variety of hits. Maybe someone will post in identifying the one we want. In the absence of a micrometric regulator or anything stating numbers...
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    Found in my dad's collection of goodies

    The "Coin" bit means it's coin silver. The case appears to be of a style that was popular in the 1860s. Does the top knob pull out to give you a key? If not then you can get a full set of [new] pocket watch keys off ebay for a few pounds. The photos of the dial are too low-res for me to even...
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    Haddon 21 Jewels incabloc

    Incabloc usually indicates Swiss manufacture. If you post pictures, someone will hopefully be able to help. One watch per thread. The "Waltham 100" is quite amusing - a watch built around a number. Definitely not rare in the sense we use the word here. I'd be surprised if it was in the...
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    Is Omega a "good" pocket watch brand? (Newbie)

    As a suggestion, why not check the ebay Sold Listings for Omegas. This will tell you roughly what they generally change hands for, which is kinda related to how "good" people now think Omegas are. Then repeat for whichever other brands you wish to compare against. As another suggestion, start a...
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    Looking for info on Thomas Russell Pocket Watch

    This may help - What you really need is someone who has experience of dealing with the particular type of watch that you have. It's like getting your car serviced, you need a garage that is used to dealing with the...
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    Molnija production figures?

    The hybrid battery-mechanical ones are quite interesting, as are the musical ones. The first one you buy will always be a favourite so make it a good one - possibly one of the new-old-stock "still in its box with its original paperwork" that are still available. Like Ron says, the early...
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    Molnija production figures?

    Hi - Just wondering whether any estimate exists for the number of Molnija 3602s that were produced down the years? (With or without splitting it up into how many finished up branded "Molnija" and how many finished up carrying other brands.) Judging by the sheer number of them that are always...
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    American Waltham, Gents watch, markings and info help

    As a fellow Waltham collector I'll agree with Richie, it's nice whatever it is, but it's not a Waltham. If it was a Waltham it would say so on the movement, and (usually) on the dial. I have no idea who or what "AW" might have been. Sizings might also be useful, e.g. overall diameter in mm...
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    Is it possible to correct a hunters case that opens greater than 90 degrees?

    Somebody recommended to me for a repair I needed doing. There is a price list there that you can look at as a starting point.

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