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  1. topspin

    need help identifying a movement

    At first glance it does look 95% similar to a Waltham 1888, however this is really not unusual (in old watches from other random manufacturers.) So I will take a guess - "Swiss fake" - while we wait for more opinions. Any chance of a photo of the dial?
  2. topspin

    Waltham Identification and Confusion?

    According to the database Waltham Pocket Watch: Serial Number 19062666 (Grade Vanguard) the 5 positions stamped on the watch is correct. I see nothing wrong with this watch, and everything right.
  3. topspin

    The Fattorini Challenge! - One of every model...

    The latest addition to the collection is also now the oldest. Model 1870-14 grade Adams St from July 1874, it has come to me inhabiting an "A W Co" sterling silver case. Running nicely. But I ought to sort out something better than a paperclip to attach the key to it with...
  4. topspin

    What Are the Rarest Watches in Your American Collections?

    This Waltham (currently in my repairs queue) is unique. There are similar watches out there, but none are quite the same. Do I win a prize?
  5. topspin

    Help setting time WALTHAM 14 size

    Photos - a model 1889 with star thing (from an earlier thread about the star thing), and a model 1884 grade Hillside-with-a-screw-in-the-star-thing (from the Fattorini Challenge thread.)
  6. topspin

    My First Pocket Watch

    Just to echo what's been said above - Most of these watches are fixable. Parts, and spares movements, are generally available. If you do want one, some, or all of your watches to be running, then you can either Buy watches which are already running (ideally having been recently serviced), Set...
  7. topspin

    What is the purpose of the star ratings in the "Price Guide" and how reliable are they.

    I would like to see an international version of the guide, as in, "Here's how likely you are to find such-and-such a watch if you only look in country X, Y, or Z." Even if 10000 examples of a given watch were produced but none of them originally retailed here, then I'll still only stand a...
  8. topspin

    Really good RR standard watches

    Any "RR standard" watch (or should we say, "widely accepted into RR service at the time it was made") is highly regarded, both as a timepiece and as a collectible. "Really good RR standard" is the best tautology I've seen all week. However, if what you really wanted is a " good solid work-a-day...
  9. topspin

    Washington Watch Co. Pocket Watch

    Here I have what might be a "Monroe". I say "might be" because the plate shape/layout does not match any Illinois that I have previously seen. Close, but no cigar. As you can see, it has finished up as a sidewinder, wearing a Waltham 12s dial of all things. What should I do with it to make it...
  10. topspin

    What Are the Rarest Watches in Your American Collections?

    Production figures for Waltham "Washington", anyone?
  11. topspin

    What Are the Rarest Watches in Your American Collections?

    I believe this to be pretty unusual - a hybrid Beacon-Regina grade.
  12. topspin

    What Are the Rarest Watches in Your American Collections?

    Another one for the "Champion" gallery...
  13. topspin

    What Are the Rarest Watches in Your American Collections?

    Don't know how many of these have survived, but anyway let's give this one another outing - the still-running model 1872 first-run pin set...
  14. topspin

    What do you think of this hybrid I found for sale?

    And very nice it is too. Shall I take the bait then - hybrid of what and what?
  15. topspin

    South Bend Studebaker model 2 grade 229

    The term Frankenwatch is not usually used to describe an awkward recase. ("Marriage watch" comes to mind for that.) Frankenwatch is usually used to describe a watch where someone has taken parts from one (usually low-grade & broken) watch to repair a more desirable, different model/grade of...
  16. topspin

    South Bend Studebaker model 2 grade 229

    Yup. And the magic definition of "rare" is "I'm an ebay seller and I'm hoping some novice buyer will see this and just take my word for it".
  17. topspin

    What is a collectable pocket watch?

    Returning to the other question in the original post - As to where you want to shop, depends on your budget, and what you are looking for, and your level of knowledge, and how much time you're willing to spend, and how far you're willing to travel, and so on. So, there's a lot of places you...
  18. topspin

    Models 77/79, Waltham's Quirkiest?

    Yes - according to the lookup there are something like 8000 of them - across 3 jewel counts, 4 grades, 22 runs. But the picture of 1073611 looks like a keywind to me, albeit cased with stem/bow at 12.
  19. topspin

    What’s this building?

    Thank you for the new word in my vocabulary "bucolic". How can it be, I wonder, that a word which so closely resembles "bubonic" and "colic", actually means something nice? As for the building - given that it is more tall & pointy than the others around it, I'd say this is supposed to be the...
  20. topspin

    1885 Waltham Watch Materials Catalog

    If not, then - You could post a list of all the old terms, and we can all join in with solving the crossword. Here's a couple that I'm familiar with, to start us off - The "church model" is an 1883, and the 14-size "FP" model is an 1876.

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