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    New England Steeple Model info, missing pieces?

    What a nice clock! Ibelieve it is called a chalet style. I have a very similar model with the words " HARK whats the cry PREPARE to meet thy god today" Mine strikes on the hour and half hour. WORD OF CAUTION, the wood panel where you hang the clock to a wall is very soft wood and is prone to...
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    $ Old Kienzle Mantle Clock (Tambour)

    Yeah, it did have a few issues cosmetically. It was very tastefully restored to resemble an old clock in really nice shape. Dial was re done, case is the original but it had new veneer blended in and was refinished to look like it was original. Even after all those years of neglect the thing...
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    $ Old Kienzle Mantle Clock (Tambour)

    I'd appreciate any information on the value of this Kienzle Tambour Mantle Clock. It has recently been completely restored by a NWACC member shop. The pictures are before restoration and it is an 8 day movement with Westminster chime and sounds on the quarter hour as well. It has been in the...
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    German Mantle Clock Identification

    Thanks to all who helped to identify my clock. It helped me in finding the correct key to wind it up. Next question is about the Westminster chime. I was able to turn the winding mechanism on the right of the clock only one click, the next time it would not hold (lock into place) I allowed it...
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    German Mantle Clock Identification

    Hello, I am new here and although I collect mostly Rail Road Grade Pocket Watches I have an old Mantle Clock from Germany which I would love to know more about. All I know about this is it is extremely old and has been in the family for generations. If anyone could help identify the maker I'd...

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