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  1. MuseChaser

    Alternates to Shellac

    I know it's heresy in terms of restoring valuable (or not-so-valuable) clocks especially if authenticity is desired, but "Danish Oil," which is really pretty much just thinned varnish, is something I've used for years while building and finishing speaker cabinets and on some interior surfaces on...
  2. MuseChaser

    Quick Question ... white paint splatter?

    Out of curiosity, why do most of the wood clock cases of old neglected clocks I obtain seem to have very fine white dots, almost like paint splatter, on them? My wife thinks they're spider- or fly-poo. Inquiring minds want to know..
  3. MuseChaser

    How to reshine

    Looks great! Glad to know I was finally able to help someone in return for all the help I've received here. Good work!
  4. MuseChaser

    How to reshine

    I can walk you through this. It's not hard. First, you have to strip the existing lacquer off. Pour very hot water over it and let it soak for a few minutes... hot, as in not boiling but close. You'll see spots where the lacquer starts to lift off if you rub it.. sort of like sheets of thin...
  5. MuseChaser

    Elementary Case Questions

    Thanks again for the cautions, Thomas. I haven't done anything further to the clock yet other than continue to clean it up as best I can. I can unequivocally state that I am now officially NOT a fan of this celluloid stuff. Yes, it looks pretty nice.. until it doesn't, and then it's just plain...
  6. MuseChaser

    Elementary Case Questions

    Thank you, Thomas. Being new to this world, I was aware of the ST "Adamantine" finish, but it never crossed my mind that they used that process on clocks other than their rectangular clocks with columns, etc.. This really does not look or feel like any other real wood veneer finish I've ever...
  7. MuseChaser

    Elementary Case Questions

    I've accumulated an assortment of mostly tambour clocks in various stages of neglect. My goal with most of them is to make them look (and function) like cared-for old clocks in good condition, but not necessarily new. When I get a clock that has a case in decent shape (no huge gouges, open...
  8. MuseChaser

    Old Sessions tambour finish

    Just got this clock two days ago. The bottom soundboard was cracked into four pieces, the strike coil and mount were rattling around inside during shipping... a real mess. After playing Tangrams with the pieces, I happily found that they all mated fairly well and they are now glued and...

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