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    P.S. Bartlett models #'s and production questions.

    WOW, all the hunting I've done for the Bartlett's and I haven't seen a dial like that before, nice find!
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    P.S. Bartlett models #'s and production questions.

    Wanted up to update this with some new additions I've picked up over the last few weeks. I found a Model 1874-10, in pretty good shape but missing the second hand and, of course, the case. This one is a Model 1907 0s. Again, no case, but everything is there (dust shield even) and it runs, so...
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    Unusual Rose Turned Elgin

    The level of detail is absolutely amazing! More pictures please! :D
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    $ Howard Pocket Watch - Inquiry re: Provenence

    Do you mean information on the previous owner of the watch or the watch itself? For the previous owner info, I'd love to help out, if you could provide some more info about them. As for the watch this would be a great start. Pocket Watch Database: Information for American Pocket Watches
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    Earliest Numbered American Watch Co.

    If you add all 3 serial number together, it's lower than my earliest Waltham :( haha. Great collection, thanks for posting!
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    If you could back in time, what watch would you buy?

    Too easy of a question. Any early watch from the 15 or 1600's, cause if I didn't' like it then I could sell it for several others :P haha. On a serious note, I'm content with my cases for the moment. For movements, my top ones would be one of the few Waltham repeaters out there, more hamilton...
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    Favorite hand sets

    I just came across this while searching for something else. Figured it might be helpful here.
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    New York Watch Co.

    Dang, somehow I missed this thread when it was new. I'd like to add mine in here. S/N 49402. The case is missing the crystal and the movement is missing parts. Maybe I'll have it repaired one day just cause of how few of these were made in the first place. I was hoping the crown would...
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    Look up where a Navigation watch was during WWII?

    Goodness I love those military BW Raymonds. To the OP, here's another thread I started a bit back on a couple of military watches I have and other members were able to help me find when they had been produced and to what customer number they were sold to. May be of interest to you...
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    Waltham Chronograph Identification

    This post was from my PS Bartlett thread, but it does give some information on the "q" in the model name that I had previously not known.
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    Waltham Chronograph Identification

    Welcome to the site Ray! I'm looking forward to some more info on these ones as well. I have an 1874 Riverside chronograph and the different models have confused me too, even with all the threads on here about them. The Riverside was the oddity (to me, at least) with the second timer on the back...
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    Earliest Numbered American Watch Co.

    My earliest Waltham is #58059
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    Aurora key wind

    Beautiful watch you got the Rick! The case looks massive, would you happen to know its weight?
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    Please Show the Most Recent Addition to Your Collection

    Here's a link on here that should be a good starting point for you.
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    Please Show the Most Recent Addition to Your Collection

    I was able to add another one to my collections of PS Bartletts this last week. This would be a model 1874-10. Unfortunately, it's like all of my 10s movements and there is no case for it. The pillars on these were beautiful as well
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    Presented to Doc C. Rawley by Employees of Sayre System Group L V R R 3-12-13

    I'd guess a daughter. He was awarded the watch in 1913 and his daughters were born in 1916 and 1918
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    Presented to Doc C. Rawley by Employees of Sayre System Group L V R R 3-12-13

    Here's some more info on the Sayre Yard I also found an obituary for his daughter, Jane and it gives his name as "Doc Cross" Rawley...
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    American Watch Advertising

    I don't know if this counts really, but this came with some of the Hamilton Model 22's that were unused and sold after the war.
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    John A Miller 17J watch

    Here's a bit more about the Jeweler, if you're interested. First a short biography on him And his Obituary
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    left a Columbus King by my grandfather

    WOW that's an amazingly beautiful watch! Do you know much about your great-grandfather? like his profession or anything like that? That watch could not have been cheap back then.

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