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    George Jones Wall Clock

    Another photo. Not much different. Thanks for your help. Randy
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    George Jones Wall Clock

    Attached is a photo of the Jones clock that I need help with. Movement which is correct is on my work table.I have made a couple of small repairs to the case.
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    George Jones Wall Clock

    I can take some photos and post them if that will help. Thanks, Randy
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    George Jones Wall Clock

    Hello All, I am in need of photos and measurements of the door trim pieces on a George Jones wall pin wheel regulator. I know that clockmogul has one but have not been able to get in touch. Thanks in advance, Randy
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    Waterbury No 53

    Hello, Was the Waterbury No 53 offered in Cherry. I recently purchased one and it is not oak or walnut? Thanks in advance. Randy
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    Samuel Estell's "Programme Clock"

    If you will send me a pm , I believe I can tell you where the clock was for sale.
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    Gilbert # 11

    Hello, Purchased a Gilbert #11 time only. The weight pulley board has been replaced. Did the time only model have the same pulley arrangement with multiple pulleys as the time and strike? Thanks in advance. Randy
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    Welch Spring & Co Help

    Good point. I measured the outside of the edge to edge of the dial. I will measure the chapter ring when I get home. One thing I forgot ask is what is the advantage of the upside down movement?
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    Welch Spring & Co Help

    I believe that I have a Welch Spring & Co 30 day regulator #2 in very bad shape. I first though it was a Atkins 30 day extra but not so. The problem that I have is that the dial is almost 20" in diameter. All the descriptions I have seen are 18"dials. Did Welch offer this in a 20" dial? The...
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    Help Identify

    I believe the pictures are too large. Please delete the thread until I have this resolved.
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    Help Identify

    I can't get the picture accepted. Still trying and will post when I figure out what is wrong.
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    Help Identify

    Hello, This clock I just picked up yesterday. The photo isn't very good but I hope someone might recognize the case. The dial is 21"in diameter. I haven't measured the length. Time only double weight. Solid rosewood and rosewood veneer. Worst varmint infestation I have seen. I will post...
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    True confessions: How I got fleeced

    I am not the expert as most of the people on this forum. My experiences are from the school of hard knocks. Purchasing on ebay and most of the on line auctions is strictly buyer beware. I purchased a Ansonia Bagdad that was suppose to have a ebonized finish. Which was the main reason I wanted...
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    Dating Chauncey Boardman

    Thanks for the information. Based on the patent application I can only assume that Boardman used labels that he previously printed. I would do the same. I will look closer at the label to see a printers mark is evident. Thanks again
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    Dating Chauncey Boardman

    Hello, I purchased a steeple Chauncey Boardman with a double fusee. The research on the clock based on the Chauncey Boardman label was 1810 to 1832. In 1833 a partnership was formed and then the labels were Boardman & Wells. I removed the works and the plate is stamped C Boardman with a patent...
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    Ansonia Bagdad

    Hello, I just purchased a Ansonia Bagdad with the crown missing. The case is ebonized. I was hoping that someone might have one or would measure one and send me the dimensions. Also,the center portion of the dial is missing I would like to purchase one if available. Please let me know. Any help...
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    Jean-Baptiste Delettrez Mantle Clock

    I picked up a French Mantle clock yesterday and the works are stamped JBD as well as the bezel. I know very little about American clocks and nothing about French clocks. It does have a brocot escapement. How can I verify the maker and age. I know you are going to want pictures and I will try and...
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    Information on "Mountain"

    I recently purchase a single fusee english pub clock. I would post pictures but the clock is at home. The dial is painted with Mountain in block letters with the street address and Nottingham. I don't remember the street address. Does anyone have any information on the this name. Hopefully other...
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    Metal Seth Thomas

    Jacks61fd, Thanks for the information. I look the model up on Polite's and what is shown is a different clock. Did ST use the same model # and names in different years? What year appx was the clock made? Thanks, Randy
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    Metal Seth Thomas

    Purchased this clock over the weekend. I was hoping someone could tell me the appx date of manufacturer. Does the dial appear correct? Did this model come with a lyre type movement? Would the back panel be made of wood? A model name would be good. Pictures are included. Thanks in advance. Randy

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