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  1. Wade Hubble

    Unusual Wooden Works Clock

    I recently purchased this clock and it looks different from any other clock I have seen. It is verge and foliot with metal pins pushed into a wooden gear for the verge and a metal foliot with metal weights a I've. The is an adjustable coiled spring that seems to provide a more consistent...
  2. Wade Hubble

    New Verge and Foliot Tower Clock

    I got an email from my restorer in Germany. Last fall we loaded a Dutch tower clock that dates to about 1450 that weighs about 400 lbs. up a flight of narrow staIrs. We were lucky it didn't slide down and kill someone. He decided to sell and gave me first option. I now have one more tower...
  3. Wade Hubble

    Clock Wood Works Tower Clock

    Hi, I am a tower clock collector looking for an American wood works tower clock. I have 18 tower clocks and would like a true Anerican original. If you are interested in selling please let me know. Thanks, Wade
  4. Wade Hubble

    Tower Clock Collector New To Forum

    Hi, I've collected clocks more years than I care to admit. Before retiring I spent 14 years in Europe. There I saw my first tower clock for sale and was hooked. Next year I hope to move the greater part of my collection from Germany to Washington. It will be nice to have them in one place...

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