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    waltham 1872 riverside goldflash

    just added this very nice model 1872 goldflash riverside to my collection and wanted to share it with you. Would love to have a 21 jewel American Watch Co, but will settle for this gold plated nickel Riverside for now. Ehrhardt's American Pocket Watch Encyclopedia volume 1, shows only 200 were...
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    waltham 1883 tu-tone special

    Just acquired a 1883 Waltham tu-tone special. From my limited research I have only found this watch in two runs in the Waltham graybook. I have found 3 examples in the 14955501-14959000 run, and one example in the 14952001-14954500 run. If all the watches in each of these runs was a tu-tone...
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    $ waltham 21 jewel 1883

    only non tu-tone 21 jewel1883 I have seen. Its serial number puts it in a run of only 200 and only 700 of the 21 jewel specials were made, all the watches I have seen from the other runs were tu-tone. So maybe only 200 made in the regular nickel finish??? The watch is not in great shape as it...
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    fairley uncommon Railroad watches

    Lehigh Valley and Empire State Special watches, both new to my collection, any info anyone has on these two watches would be appreciated. be good Dennis
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    Waltham PSB 1883 tu tone

    I have seen several post with model 1892 PSB tu tones ( I think that was the only way the model 92 PSB's were made),. I have a model 1883 PSB in tu tone and was wondering how common they are?

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