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  1. DieteR

    Introducing my KIENZLE, with a temperature compensated pendulum.

    Hello A few weeks ago I aquired a KIENZLE clock with a temperature compensating pendulum. As can be seen in the photos, the pendulum was unfortunately no longer complete. In the last photo, the pendulum is optically like the original. My statement focuses on "optically". Since the effect of...
  2. DieteR

    A new clock in my collection

    Hello Here are some photos of a new member in my collection. It seems that this clock, and others looking like, are been sold by various manufacturers. Notice the movement made by Hauck with the low serial number. Some times ago I bought another clock for a friend of mine with a movement...
  3. DieteR

    KERN + SOHN in brasscasted housing

    Hello At this point I present a few photos from my new KERN (K. u S. M IV Plate 1406G). The special feature of this clock is the triangular (hexagonal) case. I suspect that the brass castings are electrogalvanised gold-plated. Who can tell me the easiest way to test? DieteR
  4. DieteR

    J. LINK a new clock in my collection.

    Hello Today I would like to introduce my recently acquired clock from J. Link (plate No. 1315). The clock is not necessarily my taste! But I am a collector. The photos speak for themselves. Important for me is the pendulum. It seems to be quite rare. (Four Ladies) I only had one photo with...
  5. DieteR

    Another clock found on RIKKETIK in the Netherlands

    Hello When I saw this clock, it did not take a minute, and the clock was mine. Unfortunately I had overlooked in my euphoria that the glass in the front door was missing . The attempt to reverse the purchase failed. So now I have a four-glass clock with only three glasses! And the missing...
  6. DieteR

    A Vosseler in very good condition

    Hello One of my last purchases is this Vosseler The condition is excellent based on the many years that have gone. Above attached photos prove this statement. Everything seems to be in the state in which this clock once left the factory. That this is not always the case, shows one of my...
  7. DieteR

    A MINIATUR clock with cylinder escapement

    Hello Here are many photos of my latest acquisition. they certainly raise many questions but also provide some answers First answer of mine: NO FAKE It's really a clock with a cylinder escapement, as a miniature clock. Pay special attention to the execution and numbering There is no...
  8. DieteR


    Hello ELECTRONIC BULLE - CLOCK I found this ELECTRONIC BULLE - CLOCK on the RIKKETIK watch fair in the Netherlands. Well, there will be some who say what is special about this BULLE - CLOCK. BULLE - CLOCKS are all battery powerd, that means they are electric! This clock differs from all...
  9. DieteR

    An extremely interesting clock for my collection

    Hello An extremely interesting clock for my collection! I bought the clock described below again in the Netherlands. The seller, however, was my friend egrot (his name in this forum). The special thing is that we live less than 100 km away from each other. Let's talk about the clock. As you...
  10. DieteR

    Bulle My new BULLE

    Hello I would like to introduce my new Bulle at this forum. The clock is in good condition and works very well. There are only a few things to improve. I will certainly report about that and show more photos when I have done this work. At this moment, there are more important things to do!. DieteR
  11. DieteR

    Marriage or not ?!

    Hello After introducing my new JUF under "A new old JUF for my collection" few days ago, John Hubby noted, the clock is probably a marriage. I have consented to this assumption. Now it took me only 5 minutes to make a real KIENZLE from the JUF/KIENZLE Marriage. However, writing this article...
  12. DieteR

    JUF Clocks with Arrow Pendulum (SNo.)

    Hello Here are some photos of 3 of my JUF clocks having an arrow pendulum. John asked me for the serial numbers and photos of the back plate. On my JUF sriker, I do not see any number. The two recognizable serial numbers are 96814 and 95083. I still have another arrow pendulum, but I bought...
  13. DieteR

    A new old JUF for my collection

    Hello Here are the photos of another clock, I also bought on Sunday at RIKKETIK market in the Netherlands. I saw a photo of this clock years ago and i thought, it would like, to own it. Now it is part of my collection The clock is, as you can see, in a really good condition. The pendulum is...
  14. DieteR

    HUBER clock made by Becker !?

    Hallo Today I would like to introduce a very special clock. Especially the factory and manufacturer or distributor. I found and bought it last sunday on the RIKKETIK watch exchange in the Netherlands. (Bild 01) First thing I saw was the large marble base (weight about 3.5 kG diameter = 230mm...
  15. DieteR

    Another Würthner in my collection

    Hello On my last visit to the clock market RIKKETIK in Netherlands, I have acquired a Würthner. It differs in some respects from my other. There are first the small plates (back Plate No.1592), and the somewhat different pendulum. The shown photo of the Pendulum is from my post "Würthner...
  16. DieteR

    Differences between similar looking Haller movements

    Hello When a new clock or a new movement becomes my own, I am usually more interested in technology than in optical design. Whether someone likes a clock or not, has a lot to do with taste. My interest in technology encourages me offen to take a closer look, and sometimes also to think of...
  17. DieteR

    Two clocks made by Kern & Söhne

    Hello Today I would like to introduce again 2 clocks, both made by Kern & Söhne. A complement to my extensive collection. Both clocks are probably from the same time, I think 50 to 60 years old. The optical difference is all the more surprising. The first one seems to have escaped straight...
  18. DieteR

    A gigantic torsion pendulum clock

    A gigantic torsion pendulum clock Here in Germany, in Mecklenburg-Vorpommen, in the small town Leppin, there is the gear workshop of Helmut Schmidt. A passion of Helmut Schmidt is building special clocks. Among other interesting clock projects, it seems, he has build the most probable largest...
  19. DieteR

    Anton Harder??? SNo 4156 or Schatz & Wintermantel???

    Anton Harder??? SNo 4156 or Schatz & Wintermantel??? Hello Two weeks ago, I picked up this one!! Found it on the watch market RIKKETIK in the Netherlands. It has serial no.(4156 and R) as You may see. The condition is very good, no wonder - finished gildet. The dial is also in very good...
  20. DieteR

    Another Vosseler for my collection

    Here are some photos of my new "old Vosseler". After purchasing this watch, I have found that the Size of the glass dome and the wooden base are exceptional. Luckily the clock was complete. I've seen specialy this clock highly polished in this forum. And I like the result.. However, I've been...

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