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  1. Rabaks

    Struggling to identify this Wall Clock

    My research into this clock has produced nothing so any help would be appreciated. This is a chain/weight driven clock measuring about 10" x 10". There are no markings on the movement which has been built into a wooden frame. The marks on the reverse of the case are quite confusing. I cannot...
  2. Rabaks

    New Haven Anglo American

    Just finished giving this a "wash and brush up". Having scoured the forums it seems to be an Anglo American with 8 day time & strike Newhaven movement. The only thing missing appears to be a mirror behind the pendulum bob. I love the marquetry. My guess to its date is circa 1890? Ralph
  3. Rabaks

    Is this worth restoring?

    I was given this Waterbury for free by a friend clearing a house. Since it needs so many parts I was looking for advice as to whether it is worth restoring or is it too far gone and only useful for spare parts. As I see it, it needs various pendulum parts and weights. The case is OK and is 26...
  4. Rabaks

    My GR

    Have not been able to find anything similar to my GR clock however I think its genuine. The serial number 84873 is on the movement, the hanging plate and the pendulum. Also on the back of the case is the GR logo and the number 13. Two questions, where would I obtain 3 finials for the bottom of...
  5. Rabaks

    Correct date?

    Here is a recent auction buy which I think dates from 1927? Having read this thread, I think it is a German box clock from the Braunau factory, (no serial number), and since it does not have “SILESIA” under the GB anchor logo it is post-1926? The absence of a Junghans date stamp on the back...

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