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  1. Leslie Mosher

    Offset Bushings??

    Hello everyone, I'm currently working on a Silas Hoadly time/strike movement. It came to me with several badly worn and broken Ivory Bushings. I turned some new bushings on my lathe (oak) and rebushed the clock. When I put the movement together, it would run between 2 and 6 hours then stop. I...
  2. Leslie Mosher

    Missing Gear

    Hi, I have a question for the group. I have an 8-Day Seth Thomas Wood Works movement. And to make a long story short, I seemed to have lost the Time Side #2 Gear. So, will the same gear from another 8-Day movement fit my clock? I have no idea the tooth count of the gear or pinion leaves. Thanks...
  3. Leslie Mosher

    Don Bruno Out of Business??

    Hey everyone, I may have missed something, but is Don Bruno still making/selling parts? I need a gear, but his website(s) have been down for a couple weeks (unfortunately I don't have a phone number). If he has closed shop, is there anywhere else to get wooden gears? I hope all is well with him...
  4. Leslie Mosher

    Help Question for Seth Thomas Gurus

    I am currently working on a Seth Thomas #120 movement that I rebuilt. The Time side runs great, but the Strike side doesn't work. Using Seven Conovers' "Striking Clock Repair Guide", I have narrowed the problem down to the Gathering Pin being out of adjustment. So I pried the Gatering Pin/Pallet...
  5. Leslie Mosher

    Help identiying this movement??

    Hi everyone, I am hoping that someone can help me and identify this movement. It has no markings on it, but appears to be of an excellent quality. I got it out of an 30 hour woodworks clock (long story), that someone was trying to pass off as an 8 day brass, weight driven, Salem Bridge clock. I...
  6. Leslie Mosher

    Ingaham Banjo Bezel Size?

    Hey all, A newbie question here (I hope this is the correct forum!). I'm working on an Ingraham "Short" banjo "Bim-Bam" clock in which a lot of the upper case was broken. All the parts were there, but needed a lot of TLC. Anyways, I'm at the point that I need a bezel and glass, but I'm not sure...
  7. Leslie Mosher

    Very small pendulum swing

    Hello all, Newbie here. My dad recently bought a "Salem-Bridge" clock (at an auction) with what is supposed to be a "Lucius Bradley" Brass 8 Day Time/Strike movement (weight driven, circa 1825). I disassembled the movement and cleaned it. Polished the pivots, and installed bushings as needed...
  8. Leslie Mosher

    Help Identify a Seth Thomas Clock?

    Hi, I have this Seth Thomas clock that I need some help with, if possible. What I do know, it was given as a wedding gift in 1870. It has a #33 movement in it (which I think is the wrong movement!) marked with a 6 3/4 " pendulum rod length. The case is 14 1/2" tall, and about 8 3/4" wide, and...
  9. Leslie Mosher

    Seth Thomas 6 5/4 movement?

    Hey everyone, first of all, I'm relatively new with repairing clocks. My dad recently "handed down" a Seth Thomas shelf clock (Brass Movement). It's a family heirloom , originally give as a wedding gift in 1870. My dad put all new bushings in it in 2002, and said when he was finished with the...

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