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    Adding a Scope to a Levin WW Lathe

    For those who might be interested...
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    Screw plate use...

    Why so many screw plates? An example...
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    Found another lathe today!

    I picked up this Peerless/Marshall 8mm WW lathe, motor, control, and base today. In addition to a nice collet assortment, it came with an attachment that I had never seen before. See pics.
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    Making a new WW bearing dust cap

    I needed a dust cap for an old WW lathe that I am setting up for snailing - so here is how I made it...
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    Handy clip on light...

    As my eyes get older, more direct lighting is needed. Often it is difficult to get a standard light positioned so that it does not cut off vision. Such clip on book lights work well with my WW lathes. It is easy to snake the light into the required position.
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    Adding thread cutting to my Levin lathe

    For those interested:
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    Screwhead polisher

    For those is the screwhead polisher I just completed. I need to polish up a number of screwheads for a project and this will do the job. Various sizes of screws are held by collets tightened by the large knob.
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    Cutting pinions for a spring powered motor

    For those interested...
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    Making a custom "crown gear" for a spring powered project

    I needed a specialized "crown gear" for an item that I will be manufacturing. Here is how I solved my problems in making the gear.
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    Watch and clock sized gear hobber

    Guys; I just picked up this hobber and thought some of you might want to see it. Enjoy. Jim
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    Wheel cutting project finally underway

    This will be a huge project with lots of experimentation along the way. For those who might want to watch the progress over the next few months, here is the link: Enjoy. Jim

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