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  1. 34Ford5W

    Model 1892 2 Tone 21 Jewel Crescent St.

    New watch for my model 92 collection 2 Tone 21 Jewel Crescent St. Serial # 10501187
  2. 34Ford5W

    Model 1892 The American Leader

    Here is a new watch for my model 92 collection. The American Leader Serial #17187573
  3. 34Ford5W

    Model 1908 21 Jewel Vanguard

    Here's my recent addition to my Model 1908 21 Jewel Vanguard collection. Serial #18024280. One of my other 21 Jewel Vanguards is unusual because it has been plugged. Serial # 16015866 is listed as a 23 Jewel. Last is Serial # 1804311. There were less than 1000 made according to the summary report.
  4. 34Ford5W

    Factory recycled parts

    I have a Waltham Model 1892 Royal OF watch Serial # 7820165. While taking it apart for servicing I noticed that the backside of the plate had been stamped with AWWCo. Waltham, Mass. I’m just curious to know how common it is to see the use of recycled parts like this from the factory.

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