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    Clock Repair Service

    Thank You!
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    Clock Repair Service

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    Banjo Clock Rebuild

    hello, I received the frame of a Banjo clock with the face plate only. It is in decent shape. I am going to work with my son on rebuilding the clock. I am new to this. Can someone let met know what type of movement do I need for it and how do I get the front glass for it. Can I get used parts...
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    Clock Repair Service

    Thank You! We have worked on a few of the less expensive ones. I even got a project Banjo Clock for free at the York PA Clock convention. We are going to rebuild that one together. We are taking it slow but learning. I appreciate your comments. I just want the more valuable ones to be done...
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    Clock Repair Service

    Hello, I have a special needs son who collects clocks. Most are your standard everyday clocks but also have a few very nice ones. I am looking for a repair person in Central NJ, that I can bring some of his clocks to be serviced. Since this is new to both of us, I need someone I can trust and...
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    Spartus Clock

    Thank You!
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    Spartus Clock

    Hello I am new here. I was wondering if anyone can help me. I recovered this clock from someone who was throwing it out in the garbage. The clock mechanism works, it's electric. But I can't find any info online about it. I am wondering the age, I am sure it's not worth anything except being cool...
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