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    What is your reason for collecting clocks?

    It’s a lot cheaper than classic cars
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    8-day column and cornice clock weights.

    If you ever need any type of weights & you live anywhere near Merrits in PA, they have bazillions of original weights all over that place they will usually let you have for a few dollars each
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    Junghans Mystery Swinger “Elegant” real vs fake statue

    Still getting around to rebuilding the movement. It’s apart & looks about as simple as can be. According to what I gather there are some external tweaks you can make, but internally it just the depth of the escape wheel via the bridge. Of course, not everything is as simple as it looks …..
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    Junghans Mystery Swinger “Elegant” real vs fake statue

    I’m going to refer to these as statue #1 (more bronze patinated looking - left - fake) & statue #2 (more green “painted” looking - right - real Junghans) I recently acquired the Junghans mystery swinger clock called Elegant via an auction. I’ve wanted one of these since I saw them...
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    Post Your Junghans Mystery Swingers here

    Just found this dedicated thread. I believe this to be real Junghans. However, it’s missing escape wheel arbor/pinion shaft. If anyone has one available or a real complete movement or pendulum - I am interested.
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    Newman Watchman’s Clock & Timekeeper

    Got this thing apart. Movement is kind of interesting. It’s stamped New Haven. 2 x 5/8” x 106”springs simultaneously driving a lantern pinion centered between them to run about 14 days. One spring was broken in the center at the hole that mounts on the center arbor & closest replacement I could...
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    Ansonia office? school? clock

    Got this one as part of a lot with the previous. I’m guessing it’s for school or office? No strike, likely an 8 day unit. Came with no key, but found the pendulum tucked inside wrapped up in a Kohls ad from 2017. Wound it, hung it, & connected the pendulum & it runs fine. It will take some...
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    Newman Watchman’s Clock & Timekeeper

    Picked this up at auction inexpensively, I’m wondering if anyone has seen one like it. Face is about 12” wide. The clock has a hairspring lever type escapement, but the actual hairspring is located outside of the piece I would call the balance wheel. It appears to be time only...
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    19th c 1801 - 1900 Clock ranking in 1890.

    I think too many variables to say who is “best”, but subjectively I like Becker.
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    A Christmas gift from 1891

    I just realized that was almost exactly 150 years ago!
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    A Christmas gift from 1891

    Looks like it may be 1871 on mine. I found an identical clock with an identical tablet online at a clock shop & it says it’s an 1860s clock
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    A Christmas gift from 1891

    Not new to me, but set aside to be worked on when I get a chance. Just noticed the writing on the back. To me it looks like it was “presented” to someone? by Sarah L Bairs Christmas 1871 or 1891. How do you read it?
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    Some Jerome clocks for viewing

    Thanks. Merrits sells 1mm nylon cord - so I’ll get that. I live near Merrits & they have tons of used weights & movements everywhere - so I can hopefully find some original style weights. Their prices for used stuff is really good.
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    Some Jerome clocks for viewing

    Thank you. This will be the first weight driven OG I have worked on. I haven’t removed the face - but I can tell the strings for the weights are broken & the weights themselves are missing. I’m going to guess the correct weights are about 3-4lbs? And I have no idea what “string” is correct to...
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    Some Jerome clocks for viewing

    Any idea of year would be much appreciated. Clock is as received & haven't done any work to it yet
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    Balance wheel vs pendulum

    I have not ran across anywhere that compares the specific advantages / disadvantages of these 2 release mechanisms. It would seem to me, balance wheels have the advantage, as they they will run in various positions. Yet, clocks were still made with pendulums far after balance wheels where...
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    Help id clock

    Awesome thank you.
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    Help id clock

    Thank you. Yes, I won’t be able to see it until next week. I’m not a pro - I know a little about American shelf clocks & that’s basically it. I was wondering if it looks old & great condition or newer There is a lot of smaller clocks with it.
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    Help id clock

    Can anyone give me any info about this clock or a guess? All I know is person who owned it is deceased & liked clocks. Haven’t seen it in person yet, but will soon.
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    Ansonia pictures only

    Not sure what it’s called or the year, but I got this Ansonia with a broken spring. The gong on this thing is LOUD. Case was just nasty, so I stripped it & finished in linseed oil & wax. Replaced the spring with an old Ansonia spring from a damaged movement. As far as I know everything is...
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