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  1. Old Rivers

    Junghans auxiliary winding mechanism

    One of the wheels on this movement has ratchet teeth which look typical. The other wheel's teeth more closely resemble those of a conventional wheel, and the click's tooth form doesn't seem to match. Unusual in my admittedly limited experience. Bill
  2. Old Rivers

    Urgos automatic beat setting

    John, What type of material is this? Bill
  3. Old Rivers

    Nothing more annoying!

    I had precisely the same annoyance as you. After much digging in various forums, I ran across a brilliant solution that a few of our colleagues had devised. Instead of hammering, this tool is a press which is fitted over the movement, contacting opposite ends of the Gathering Pallet arbor...
  4. Old Rivers

    Is there a minutes advancement tool?

    M, When I bought my letdown tool set, the smallest ones weren't included. I ordered the missing sizes from Timesavers, IIRC. Bill
  5. Old Rivers

    Is there a minutes advancement tool?

    M, Smallest letdown bit I am aware of is size "00" which measures approximately 2.25 mm across the flats. No doubt smaller clock minute hand arbors exist, but to date I haven't encountered one. Bill
  6. Old Rivers

    Is there a minutes advancement tool?

    Thurmond, I use the appropriate size bit from my mainspring letdown tool. Just the bit without the handle works well. Bill
  7. Old Rivers

    What screwdrivers do you suggest

    Brownell's caters to the gunsmith trade. Their screwdrivers are of excellent quality: 080-103-804WB #3 Standard Magna-Tip Set W/Magnetic LE Handle Bill
  8. Old Rivers

    Is anyone using Stereo Eyeloupes for Clock Repair?

    I use the Zeiss binocular loupes in the photo. These have been in production for a long time, mine are current manufacture with titanium frames which makes them noticeably lighter compared with earlier examples. Working distance is approximately 10". The optical quality and field of view is...
  9. Old Rivers

    Need help with suspension spring

    Recommend you order this suspension spring assortment from Timesavers: Suspension Spring 12-Piece Assortment ( I have found this to be a good assortment, have used a few of them. Choose one that fits best. Bill
  10. Old Rivers

    Need some assistance, please

    Jerry, Your improvised "steady rest" is a brilliant idea - I will try this! Bill
  11. Old Rivers

    Please Rise

    Happy Birthday Bangster! Your friendly spirit, dedication and contributions to the Forums are very much appreciated. Bluegrass music and horology are two of my favorite things. How about a Youtube link or two showing off your pickin' prowess ? Bill
  12. Old Rivers

    broken hammer arbor spring on quarter hour repeater carriage clock

    Alan, The original spring may be pressed in. If you have a lathe, you could try drilling a small diameter hole in the center bottom of the screw slot. Then a suitable diameter steel pin could be used as a drift to push out the remains of the original spring. Bill
  13. Old Rivers

    Bouncing/Clacking Sound in Gong Sequence.

    This might sound obvious, but I had an issue identical to yours on a T & S Gustav Becker with a rod gong. Turns out the brass rod which connects the strike hammer to its pivot was barely contacting one of the movement holder posts, making a clacking sound as it struck. Re-contouring the rod...
  14. Old Rivers

    Puller to remove central stem from front plate.

    Thanks David! Bill
  15. Old Rivers

    Puller to remove central stem from front plate.

    David, Very cool, nice job! What's the thread size? Looks like you used aluminum flat bar, what dimensions? Is that steel square tubing? If you wouldn't mind posting a photo of your assembly next to a ruler it would be appreciated! Bill
  16. Old Rivers

    Chime and strike synchronization

    Mark, Please provide a link for this info. Thanks, Bill
  17. Old Rivers

    Bending hooks on leader wire etc.

    Bending the wire is a lot easier when you have the correct "wire bending pliers". Look for pliers with an opposing concave jaw. These are widely available from many suppliers. It takes a bit of practice but isn't especially difficult. Photo shows a couple of my favorites. Bill
  18. Old Rivers

    Smooth Broaching New Bushings

    Kevin, Here is what I use: As Jerry Keiffer has presented, you can grind a flat diagonally on one end of the pin (they're 2" long) and use it as a reamer. This doesn't hurt the utility of the pin for its original purpose. I use mine all the time. I bought a second...
  19. Old Rivers

    Keininger movement stops after 18-20 minutes

    Another thing to watch for, make sure that when the strike train gathering pallet's rotation stops that the warning pin on the strike train wheel isn't too close to the strike warning lever. I recently discovered this very issue on an Urgos UW03 movement - the clock would stop at the quarter...
  20. Old Rivers

    Thoughts on cutting broach vs. needle file for shaping worn holes when hand bushing

    Suggested reading: See Post #5 by Jerry Kieffer. This is one of the best recommendations for "Bushing on a budget" I have ever seen. Bill