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  1. claussclocks

    Seth Thomas Regulator #20

    I have a Seth Thomas Regulator #20 in for repair. The suspension spring is missing. It uses a movement model #68. Does anyone know what suspension spring would work. I have a Jewelers regulator spring 1 1/2" long x 0.15mm thick and a Seth Thomas #2 1 1/4"log by .004. Any preference from...
  2. claussclocks

    Tip for replacing the hammer leather.

    This can also be used to harden overly soft leather a bit. Varathane makes the same product.
  3. claussclocks

    Cleaning of the chime pin assembly on tubular chime movement

    I normally would not. If it is an old clock the pins can be secured with shellac and a water base solution may loosen them. If the drum is lacquered you may remove it or worse yet, only part of it and leave a mottled ugly piece that may require additional cleaning and re-lacquering. I just...
  4. claussclocks

    Grandfather Clock not Chiming

    Several possible causes for the problem come to mind. First check the chime silent lever as suggested by "Bikerclockguy". It does not look fully engaged but could be partially engaging the chime release lever and holding it up. My first question is. Has this clock been recently disassembled...
  5. claussclocks

    Measuring new glass for a bezel without a retaining clip

    I agree with Tracerjack. I have replaced a number of these and that inner ring can be worked out. I usually start at the hinge and use a utility knife tip or something very fine to get under the ring and work it over the lip. I will just pop out once enough of it is clear of the bezel ring. I...
  6. claussclocks

    I opened the time barrel and Surprise!

    A type of cascade failure. DPC
  7. claussclocks

    I opened the time barrel and Surprise!

    Make sure it was the right width of spring. If it was too wide it might have just been waiting for an opportunity to break. If the spring rubs tightly against the barrel and cap it will break. Spring looks very brittle, almost crystalized DPC
  8. claussclocks

    Broken Tooth on a Count Wheel

    Since this is not a load bearing part of the wheel I would not consider it bad to just do as given above. Cut a notch with a jewelers saw or dremel if you are good with it and solder in a strip of brass then shape to fit. Many Hobby stores and hardware stores sell small strips of brass under the...
  9. claussclocks

    Mauthe won't chime at 7 o'clock

    Remember! An expert is a former drip under pressure. :D:D
  10. claussclocks

    Mauthe won't chime at 7 o'clock

    Shutterbug gave you the same suggestion I was thinking. I have seen this happen a few times. You have to consider the geometry of the rack and pallet. Most racks are curved just a bit and somewhere near the middle the slightest error of a bent pin, bent arbor end, or even a worn bushing can...
  11. claussclocks

    Hamilton Mantle Clock running slow

    Try B-12 Chemtool by Berryman's if you have it in your area.
  12. claussclocks

    Gilbert minute hand slipping down

    The pinion referred to is the "cannon" pinion and as I recall is on the center shaft behind the front plate. It will be necessary to get into the movement to replace or repair the pinion. This will require letting down the springs and removing the center arbor to repair the pinion. IT was...
  13. claussclocks

    I'm stumped by this Ansonia

    I just finished repairing a broken verge on this exact movement and pendulum. It is either Japanese or Korean. I could not be sure which but I think Japanese. It was an 8 day movement. The movement is actually made pretty well but they had no qualms about just labeling it Ansonia. DPC
  14. claussclocks

    Urgos Movement small pendulum arc?

    That particular URGOS self adjusting verge assembly has a history of wearing and becoming very loose at the pallets. It is held in beat by friction and as it ages the neoprene inserts inside harden. This allows the shaft to slip and can either put the clock out of beat or allow the pendulum to...
  15. claussclocks

    Stupid Clock Tricks

    Lots of beaver in the Holy Land, NOT!
  16. claussclocks

    Stupid Clock Tricks

    I bushed a screw hole once by mistake :mad:. DPC
  17. claussclocks

    Herschede Five Tubular Bell Grandfather Clock Chiming Question

    I am currently servicing a 9 tube with the same problem. The Chime weight runs about 3 inches faster down than the others. After setting it up on the rack to run I discovered that the Chime gathering pallet pivot hole is worn up and down so that when it comes around it bounces up in the worn...
  18. claussclocks

    The importance of cleaning

    Yes, punching up the plates with a nail. A time honored way of desecrating a nice clock movement!! :mad:
  19. claussclocks

    Rathburn Clock

    I think he did an excellent job. He is now and will be a credit to clock repair.
  20. claussclocks

    Traditional horological materials, e.g. Loctite.

    I've used the blue and the green. I am used to the blue for assembling notebook computers. I have had a weight come apart a couple of times. One was on a clock where the previous repairer either did not know how or just didn't reinstall the Geneva locks and the owner kept winding the cables up...