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  1. Downing

    1942 992b Case question

    I have a very similar 1942 Hamilton 992 B with a serial number only 122 numbers higher than yours. Neither the dials nor the cases are identical. I like my dial but never really cared for the case. I can't help you with any of your questions, sorry. I just wanted to post a similar looking...
  2. Downing

    Time on the go

    I carried pocket watches regularly at work when I was practicing law, rotating through my collection and wearing the best ones when I was in trial. That was quite the throwback as most of my colleagues didn't even own a wristwatch and relied on their cell phones for the time. Kind of sad...
  3. Downing

    Whats your single favorite pocket watch in your collection?

    My favorite watches are all German and Swiss, but my favorite American watch is this 1890 Waltham 16S Riverside Grade. It was my first gold watch, runs well and it's really pretty, imho.
  4. Downing

    Burlington Special Identification Help

    Here's a photo of my 1915 16s Burlington Special's dial to inspire you to replace that one. While the Special may not be all that "special" in the sense that there are lots of them around, I think it's a really good looking watch. Replace that dial, have it serviced and you'll have a really...
  5. Downing

    Show off your Ball Watches(any size)

    Here's my one and only Ball (Hamilton). A 1948 999B 16s with 21 Jewels. It's also the youngest watch in my modest collection. I don't like to think of it as "vintage" as it's only 9 years older than me. :rolleyes: To me, this watch says, "Here's the time, Sir. Now move along." This watch...
  6. Downing

    left a Columbus King by my grandfather

    Bump. I'm hoping someone can answer Snark's question.
  7. Downing

    If you could only have one RR watch...

    I have two "RR" watches that have a lot more in common than they do differences. So they're pretty much the same watch. Same maker (Hamilton), same time period, same overall condition. Here's my 1942 Hamilton 992B: And my 1948 Ball 999B: I should probably sell one .
  8. Downing

    Really good RR standard watches

    Start with the Hamilton 992B and go from there.
  9. Downing

    Information on Elgin pocket watch

    Very nice. Ladies watches were worn as jewelry. Since women didn't wear pants, at least in public, they had no pockets so their watches were smaller than mens and meant to be worn as a pendant on a neck chain. If the case isn't stamped, it's almost certainly "gold filled" rather than 14 or...
  10. Downing

    left a Columbus King by my grandfather

    Per the Pocket Watch Database: My understanding of the watch retail business at that time is that generally you would go to a retailer and pick out a movement, then a case for fitting and engraving or have it engraved later. That's a really nice watch made all the better by belonging to your...
  11. Downing

    Gift for someone new to pocket watches

    Sounds to me like you should give him both watches and maybe buy him a steak dinner! ;)
  12. Downing

    Do you still have the first pocket watch you collected?

    I used to be into new wristwatches and became attracted to vintage pocket watches for three reasons: Older. Cooler. Cheaper. My first pocket watch was this 1948 Ball 999B. I believe I got it from an online dealer a few years ago. I was already familiar with Ball wristwatches and picked...
  13. Downing

    Please Show the Most Recent Addition to Your Collection

    Those have been my definitions. If we're wrong, that's ok as none of my friends and family collect pocket watches so they won't know any better. As I learned as a young lawyer, it's easy to sound like an expert when no one else knows what the hell you're talking about to begin with.
  14. Downing

    Help with identification of Illinois Pocket Watch

    See Kent's post above for the link to the NWACC Choosing a Watch Repair Person. I send all my watches to my watch repair guy via the US Mail. Like Musicguy said, use Priority Mail and be sure to insure it. There's a horror story on this Forum under the Lost/Stolen watches section involving a...
  15. Downing

    Help with identification of Illinois Pocket Watch

    Sure it is. No major dings or scratches. So not only can you brag about your great-grandfather's watch, you can tell people that the case is very rare, so rare in fact that it's apparently the only Mutual Watch Case Company case in the world. At least until someone comes along here to burst...
  16. Downing

    Help with identification of Illinois Pocket Watch

    Surprisingly the Pocket Watch Database has nothing on The Mutual Watch Case Company. Nevertheless, I'm sure someone here will chime in. The depth and breadth of the knowledge here, myself excluded, is pretty incredible. Those marks you referenced were made during service. It looks like it...
  17. Downing

    Please Show the Most Recent Addition to Your Collection

    I think it looks nice in that case, too. Different collectors have different criteria. My main interest is in how my watches look. I like for them to be old but look new. Original hands, dial and/or case are important to a lot of collectors but aren't high on my list. Not so much with...
  18. Downing

    Gold Watches -- The New Endangered Species

    I talked to a jeweler today about a gold pocket watch she has up for sale. It's a fairly common Waltham in need of servicing but in a really beautiful case. I mentioned that it's getting harder to find gold cases, especially ones that aren't in engraved with a presentation or someone's name or...
  19. Downing

    Gold Watches -- The New Endangered Species

    Leaving instructions is a good idea and there's no time like the present. My 91 year old mother-in-law passed away last month. Even at her advanced age it was a bit of a surprise. My wife's father died around 20 years ago, so my wife and her three siblings sat down to divide the estate. In...
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